by Blomdoft Apr 11, 2016
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Great remix, i would love to have all the STL's for this design.
I have cheap servos that match your servo holes.
could you please add the remixed leg brackets STL's?

It has been a while, not sure if I just stretched the STL a bit or if I really did modifications. I'll check when I am home from work.

Looked everywhere, apologies, I do not have any special STLs for the legs in my project folders, probably lost them. So, if you need to adjust the brackets, please take the FreeCad-File from the original miniKame project (miniKame.fcstd) and modify them there.

Hello i would like to uses theses servo who are a much bigger total height is 28.3

It seem that height will be an issue because will not fit on arms.
i modified the servo_height = 28.3; but it's seem to have no effect on the design
any idee to fit it ?? i would like to redraw but only know skechup


Hi Drepou!

For the body you should be okay modifying the parameter kamebox_servobox_height, adding the difference from your servos to mine.
Regarding the arms, I unfortunately cannot be of much help as I had trouble, too, modifying the original arm designs that Javier did. The original sources for that can be found on the http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1265766 project. You are probably in for a major redesign there to fit the larger servos.

Hope that help a bit, Blom

Kame: 8DOF small quadruped robot
by bq3D

well now in understand my mistake servo need to be insert and screwed inside the body and not outside this is why i dint notice any change on outside face when playing with servo height params

thnaks !

Would love to see this guy move!

To see what the programming of the Kame can do, please take a look at the other Remix of the original Kame, it is quite a cool video! Shoutout to http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1428651 the video shows all the moves. I'll upload some video of my Kame next week.

by owenlab

This is awesome!!! Love it :)

Hi, you are the creator of the splendid original one, aren't you? I have seen some commits to the github lately, any wishes how I should publish my modified source code once done?