Royal Throne

by AndyManCan Dec 20, 2011
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Hi, could you please put what (estimated okay) dollhouse scale this is -- 1:12, 1:24 - or other? thank you! I don't work in design or mm, but WANT for my castle! thanks.

I will be making this model more suitable for printing by separating out parts and allowing them to easily fit together. I just haven't had the time to do it yet. :)

I would think if you split it under the seat. So the bottom half of the cushion/wood was attached to the legs and top half was attached to the arms/back. You could then lay the back down flat with the arms pointing up and the bottom could be positioned with the legs facing up it should print well.

Thanks. I'll try that first. I was thinking of separating the parts even more. I will do that too and upload all of it, but first I will try the way you suggested.

Ok, so I tried splitting it as you suggested. I will upload a version where all the parts are separate and fit into each other with the peg/hole arrangement like the car models I used to build when i was a kid.

That way would definitely be the best but not always the easiest. Try and allow 0.5mm clearance for push together parts (0.25mm per side) this is to allow for less than perfect prints to still fit together. Less clearance is ok too but only the most well tuned machines will be able to print it then.

You will also need to re-slice it with a small amount of the wood still attached to the cushion so the arms have an attachment point at there ends. Right now they float freely at the top which will cause some issues.

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I won't be able to do any of this until later. One major question I need to ask: do I need to work to scale? If so what are the maximum outer dimensions a Thing-O-Matic or Cupcake CNC can handle? You mentioned 0.25 mm clearance so I was wondering what size I should work at.

We mostly work in metric first of all (but the software can scale imperial to metric no problem.

The build area of a thing-o-matic is 110mm x 125mm x 100mm I believe.
Cupcake is 100mm x 100mm x 100mm
Prusa / Mendel is 200mm x 200mm x 200mm
Huxley / Up / Mosaic is 140mm x 140mm x 140mm I think
Ultimaker is 210mm x 210mm x 220mm

The smallest vertical part (column) that can be printed reliably
is around 3-4mm diameter. The layer height for a thing-o-matic is usually around 0.28mm (280 microns) so you have to think of that as well (details less than that in height will not print).

Ultimakers go down to as low as 0.04mm (40 microns)

Most of the machines use nozzles of around 0.35mm diamet
er so the smallest outside radius is around that size.

I scaled the eyebot almost 800 percent.

Oops Prusa / Mendel should read 200mm x 200mm x 100mm (200)