Old Pistol

by 3DCreatory Apr 13, 2016
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The ONLY way I could get these files to work was download them to fusion then scale them up. The problem with that is for some reason all I am getting is a low poly file or medium poly I guess? There is no wood grain on the bases so the file is unusable for me. Im using cura btw. When I download straight to cura it says file is too small to load? According to fusion the largest parts come our at .2mm length? Any help or another download link would be appreciated,tks

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why the project are so small? i have to resize it whit 99000% of normal size and cura give me problem whit handle, knob, pipe and metal side left and right... can you fix it?

There seems to be aproblem with the Base_left file.

Lots of parts are way out of scale . having same problem as Col-Hogan.

Hmm... I can't load this into S3D. Anyone else having a similar problem?

I don't get any errors except "Part appears to be extremely small...", but no matter what I answer (yes/no), I don't see anything on the build plate.

I had this problem as well they were literally all in mm, when i added them in simplify, fortunately you can click on resize, press control a and resize them all at one to fit your build plate, my build turned out perfectly doing this.

Thank you. I upped it to 100,000%. Looks interesting.

The dimensions are getting crazy at my softwares, maybe because I have most of them to use miliemeters, but anyway the scale doesn´t fit inches too. We are preparing to cut in our CNC the base in wood and 3D print all other pieces. Can you say us the original dimensions so I can scale correctly? Thank you very much.

wondering what the thin rod is for ?
could you show assembly ?thanks

thank you for the last piece.
now it is complete !

You're welcome, sorry it took so long!
Happy printing :)


Now all the parts are here, and the base models are modified a bit to make the assembly of the knob easier!


Oh, sorry for the wrong files! I will upload the new files after i get home from this trip!

Very beautiful model. Just made one, check it out.

The metal guard part is wrong. It is a duplicate of the trigger guard part.
Could you please upload the correct part ? I can't wait to see it complete.

Thank you.

Now you can find the right files :)

Very nice design, but it seems to me that one piece is missing. Piece which should be inserted to the top of handle is missing. :)

I've uploaded the missing file :)

I'm waiting for the same piece too!

One resource for more history, as well as shooting (replicas), is the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (nmlra.org). Full disclosure: I've been a card-carrying NMLRA member for about 20 years now.

It is a beautiful piece of work, very well done.

Thank you very much :)


Hehe, yeah it is the same type of gun :)