Block and Tackle - customizable

by mechadense Sep 9, 2013
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Looks GREAT to me, I don't plan on lifting my auto motor with it or any thing. But would really enjoy a .stl file. Don't know much about them scad files. Please upload one. Maybe just a unit 2-3 inches long would do a nice job on small lite line. Thanks.

Please look into the remixes of this thing (rightmost "Remixes" button) there are already eleven *.stl file instances of this thing.
Since you have a thingiverse account you can create your own stl files without touching the scad file by using the makerbot-csutomiser app. Click on the "Open in Customizer" button (the white C in a red square) to try it out - its easy.

Thanks, i guess that makes since. Never thought about looking into the remix's. And did not know that the customizer would do that. Nice tips to learn, Thanks.

These kind of things are useful and really neat. May I suggest a hybrid to make it safer and stronger and of course more idiot proof. Most block and tackle setups consist of plastic or traditionally wood parts backed up by a simple metal strap. Since the parts we build with our machines are often very weak in the layer plain this is really important for a 3D print. I notice this part was properly designed for the strongest dimension but perhaps adding a slot top to bottom enclosing the bolt and the top mounting hole, around the middle for either a tie wrap, metal strap or a properly affixed wire wrap would make it stronger and of course more idiot proof.

As I understand you mean an oval metal loop around the rope-eyelet and the bolt.
This would only be possible for blocks with even numbers of sheaves. Only they have a separator-plate in the middle and
this middle plate is the only one which does not introduce any inter layer shearing forces and so need no sturdification.

If I'd go for maximum stability I'd add a second bolt parallel to the axle bolt - right through the force distribution part.
But I wanted to keep vitamin requirements minimal.
To get sturdier models you can crank up the F parameter a bit.
Maybe I'll add an force distribution plate thickness parameter, and an option to beef up the center seperator plate.