game of thrones "Daenerys Targaryen necklace"

by Paultini Apr 13, 2016
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Printed however the hinge part on the dragon head doesnt seem to want to print well at all on an FDM printer im gonna have to recreate it will filler from scratch. Thanks for the model!

How wide is this ? Neck size?

Version with support is totaly useless for FDM printing - upper teeth do not have support at all.

Turn supports on in your slicer, it will provide it's own supports where the STL does not have them already.

My niece would absolutely LOVE this! I'm having trouble getting this to slice with S3D though.. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can give some pointers. Whenever I try to slice, S3D crashes. Same with Cura so I'm not sure if there's some setting I need to change?

I m founding this necklace... I would buy this :) how much is it?

This is not for sale. Please download it to a nearby printing company or home for printing.

WOW. nice work. Thank you. Can someone post their settings they used to print this?

Now if only I can find a 3 headed dragon pin to go with this:

I printed this the other day. Not a perfect recreation but good enough for my needs.


Daenerys' Pin (Game of Thrones)

if someone was able to print it on zotrax m200?

FYI, you may want to use make Solid in Meshmixer to merge all of the intersecting parts. With high settings you don't loose any detail but really clean up the model and make most slicers much more happy. This could make it easier for others to print.
(looking closer the model is full of open edges and mirrors that are not aligned correctly, confusing slicers)

PS. great Job on the overall look . spot on. just needs some cleaning up.

Love it. I made one for my Halloween costume and I just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to make it.

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The huge overhangs makes this thing non printable as currently presented on a single head fdm printer. It would be great to have the two files downloadable without support so we can generate ours.

here you are
[ http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1489058/#files ] "Not support .01~02"
not support pieces

game of thrones "Daenerys Targaryen necklace"

Not sure if it helps, but the Daenerys_Targaryen is the whole thing without supports.

Thanks, I saw it of course, but it is too large to be printed in one single part.

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This is really difficult to print. As has been commented before, if you don't use supports some of the pieces try to be printed in the air (which obviously won't work - you'll notice this after about an hour of printing). If you do use supports, it's incredibly difficult to tell which part is support material and which is the actual model.

I'd post a photo, but I had weird alignment issues possibly caused by the extruder hitting something and skipping so half of my print is not aligned with the rest of the print. I probably shouldn't have put both pieces on the printbed together, I don't think my printer is accurate enough to run for 41 hours straight without being recalibrated :-)

The bits that did print properly look really good though!

I've tried to print this model with some different settings with my zortrax m200 but it seems impossible ... if I do not use any support some spikes are printed in the air and if I use the least possible support (10%) when I remove the supports some parts break

Thank you for clear description.
Did speeds do not check? does your printer speed slowly? or basically?
one more try / [ slowly ] and!! [ HEATBED ]

you did a great job!
I will soon corrected.
thanks :)

very very slowly

with the z-suite i cannot set speed... for "piece 1" i tried to print @0.09mm and it take about 7hours of print

Okay, i will find a way.

Is the head supposed to be doubled like that? It almost looks like the dragon is wearing a dragon head helmet.

you found it........ i'm try more details. every day
yes, exactly. it seems to be dragon head helmet.

Cool. I wasn't sure if that was a modelling error, or a download problem. Looking forward to printing this for my wife. Good Job!

Is there a Pin to go with this to connect the two pieces?

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