SciFi Small Part Storage Crates

by AndrewBougie Apr 14, 2016
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I'm slightly modifying these with labels such as: White LED, Red LED, etc. I'm also colorcoding the boxes to the LED color.

Man these are amazing shelves but they consume quite a bit of plastic, super awesome though!

Thanks! They definitely aren't the cheapest or fastest option out there. I just designed them to look exactly how I wanted them to look. :)

The small base is an estimated 9 hours if I want it to be stable. I recommend that you hollow it out to an extent or edit it in a way so that it is practical and fast to print. Otherwise, nice design and good concept!

Thanks! There isn't a good way to hollow this out since the walls are already thin. FDM is just a slow printing technology in general. You could try increasing your speed or print at a lower resolution. Due to the lack of fine details on this design, it still looks great with thick layers.

This is a fun and long print, but I can't say it's very practical. I estimate the cost of each base alone is around 3 to 5 dollars depending on your filament source. For the price you could buy something cheap and probably better from the $2 shop or on ebay.

Still though I printed it and it's great!

how expensive are your rolls? this would cost me under 20 cents $CAD to produce...

Glad you like it! I will agree that 3D printing in general isn't practical at all... until you add the custom factor. 3D printing is extremely practical, fast, and inexpensive if you want to make something that doesn't exist as a mass produced object. If you wanted to buy this specific design as an injection molded piece, it would probably cost you thousands to have a mold made, probably about 6+ months lead time, and a minimum purchase of 100,000 pieces or more. Personally, I would rather create my own custom designs and have it the same or next day for a few more dollars than an off-the-shelf design. :)

Is it just me or is it really going to take 10 hrs just to print the small base?

Gonna take me 32 for the one shown in the image...

10 Hours? Took me over 18

"Results may vary" is the phrase that comes to mind. :) Print settings and hardware capabilities are everything.

It depends on your printer and settings, but it could definitely take that long.

I had .2 layer hight and 20% infill, print speed was 50mm/s.

Thank you! Glad you like it. Were you able to make one?

I will be soon. Finally got my printer back up, so trying to catch up on my print queue :)

It would be grate if it was stackable. I mean with a locking mechanism to hold the drawers together. It will be good for storing electronic components.

Someone made this remix: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1546166

Also, there are a few other remixes that are pretty cool. Might be what you are looking for.

Scifi Storage Crates (Stackable)
by maddavo

Question, one the double wide version that you have, Could you do that same exact size, But have it so there is only one drawer going across the whole thing? Top and bottom would be great ! I will not try to do it, your measurements are like spot on for my printer ! LOL. Only other thing i could ask is if you could make them deeper by about double the depth now? Possibly, maybe ?

I'm in the process of making my 10th set now, my wife can't get enough of them.

Sorry for the really late reply. I've been away from all my online accounts for a bit. Do you still need this? You are asking for a two drawer double wide version where each drawer spans the entire width? The double depth is a separate request? Would it still have two compartments or four in the drawer?

YES PLEASE ! What i'm looking for in the double wide version is for one top drawer one bottom drawer spanning the entire width.
Also on the one im requesting, and on all the ones you have already, when I print these I have them flat on the backs, can you make them taller the way I print them. So in essence they would be deeper ? Maybe 150 - 170 mm ? I hope you understand what i'm asking. Like I stated my wife ( and myself ) LOVE LOVE LOVE these ! I have them in all sorts of colors including glow-in-the dark !

It took a while for me to get to this, but I uploaded an XL version that should be what you described.

I'm new to the world of 3d printing, I'm actually getting my first printer soon! So Im going to make this! It looks amazing!

Great! What printer are you going to get?

What did you design these on?

I used SpaceClaim. DesignSpark Mechanical is the free version.

I built one of these drawer sets with ABS on a Lulzbot Mini. I am an absolute beginner, and this was my third print. The drawers came out perfectly, but I have some inter-layer warping on the corners of the sides of the main enclosure. Still a very nice and quite usable project. Just learning about temperature and all!

Thanks for supplying this!

You're welcome! As a beginner, I would recommend you try PLA. Especially since you are printing on an open build platform. ABS hates drafts and is very prone to warping. I bet you could get a perfect print with PLA.

Happy printing!

Thanks for the advice, I just got in some PLA for me to try. Pictures will follow hopefully!

Nice! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

I like this design, and I'm glad to see the additions for various sizes and configurations!

I was thinking that something else that might be a useful addition is some sort of slide-locking/dovetail fitting on the top & sides, so that these modules can stack and attach securely, and grow into a monstrous StoragePlex(tm) as people print out more copies/versions. :-)

Glad you like it! Interlocking features definitely could be useful. There is a stacking remix here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1546166

Feel free to remix with some sort of dovetail function!

Scifi Storage Crates (Stackable)
by maddavo

finally got a drawer printed. it only fits in 2 of the 8 slots. not sure why. next one I print will be at 99% see what happens (I think the model is fine and its my printer though not with some mods installed I am getting MUCH better prints :-)

I agree your printer might need a small bit of tuning. I left .25mm clearance all around. Most people find they fit fine, but if your printer steps are of a little bit the drawers might not fit.

Edit - Shrinking the drawer just a little bit is a great idea.

Yeah and thwt one screwed up before i got it stuck down some backside wapring. I refuse to throw it away though :-)

Is a Wall Mounted Base with like 4 screws in the corners for wall mounting? Thank You.

I went for a seamless look, so I don't really want to break that up with screw holes in the back. I would also have to thicken the rear wall a bit to allow for recessed screws. What might work better for wall mounting is this remix. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1553404

You'd be able to customize the base for the size and number of drawers as well as drawer depth and wall thickness. You could then just drill some holes in the back for your screws.

Customizable Parts Drawer

nah. just shove a pair of screws right through the back side of the top left and right right drawer. it will counter sink itself into the plastic so it wont interfere with the drawers and will hold just FINE this thing is a freaking tank.

A scifi tank. ;) I think your right, though. Should be able to screw right through the back. Maybe pre-drill a small hole so you don't split the back.

art style reminds me of The Expanse, totally gonna print one!

Awesome! I've heard that's a great show. One of my coworkers really likes it. Be sure to share your print here on Thingiverse!

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Really neat design! I've amassed a ton of nuts and bolts tinkering with printers, these are perfect for them. I've got one more drawer to print (probably tomorrow) and I'll post it on here when its done.

Thanks! Glad you like the design. I look forward to seeing your print!

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Is there a wide single opening drawer or only the one with the divider. Same question for the single width drawer

There is now! Check the thing files.

Wow that was fast. Cool and thank you.

Would this print well in ABS?

It should print fine as long as you have been able to successfully print other objects in ABS with your printer setup. The one in the pictures is PLA, but I also printed the double wide version last week on an Airwolf AXIOM in ABS. Worked fine.

Very nice design! By any chance, could you modify the base a little, so two bases could be joined (up-down, left-right, or maybe both)? That would be really awesome!

Thanks! I'm working on a sort of clip system (that follows the scifi theme) for connecting multiple bases, but if you check the remix tab, someone did make a stackable version.

Hi! Is it possible for you to upload a double width base with only non-wide bins (so you'll end up with eight in total)? That would be awesome.

I'll see if I can do that over the next day or so.

Sweet, looking forward to it.

Just added some variations for both the standard and double wide base.

Thanks a million! Will print these when I get home :)

no you won.t you will start them with you get home then get them tomorrow. they take forever but damn are they nice ;-)

Congrats on the feature Andrew. Well done!

what speed did you print at?

I believe I printed at 50mm/s on my Simple Metal, though many printers should be fine with faster speeds. It's a pretty easy print.

Great model I'll print it on my da Vinci 3D printer

Sounds good. Make sure to share you make once you do!

11 hours here...for the small. Took more filament then I thought it would. Actually, was about 5" of filament left and still had 20 min left in the print. Luckily I caught it in time, and was able to swap out the filament with the same color...kind of. Close enough that I am not going through another 11 hours. BTW...the drawers will take a while too :). But in the end, it is a cool storage bin. Plan on keeping my nozzles and a few other smaller items in there.

Lucky!! mines 16!!

my normal settings? 38 hours IIRC went to .2 22 hours said screw it went to .3 and .5line width and low infill. damn still 10 hours and my feeder was skipping so had to tune that back to 75% around 25mm/s

Sounds about right for the base. :) Do it!

I love it, very useful!
But with my printer it takes about over 24 hours to make the small version! :-s

I don't think mine took that long, but I really don't remember. Would have to import it into my slicer again. I think should be about half that at 50mm/s. That's just an average estimate though.

Very nice design. I like how you did the angles @ 45 deg. everywhere so it prints without support. The only other improvement I could think of would be to have a spot where you could label what's in the tray on the single trays. You'd have to flip the handle sideways but then you'd need supports to print it...

Thanks! I experimented with the labeling but couldn't come up with something I was happy with that didn't mess with the print-ability and the overall look.

Awesome I need this for all my nuts bolts!

Print one and let me know how it comes out!

A worthy feature, congrats. I've printed several of these and they work and print very well.

Thanks so much! Glad they are working well for you.

Would customizer be possible?

Check out this brand new remix! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1553404

Customizable Parts Drawer

Maybe at some point, but not right now. This was an "I made this for myself and might as well share it" type of project. I'll have to learn how to use the customizer before turning this into a configurable model.

What's the scale of this? My Zortrax software wants to fill the 8x8 bed with the parts, does that sound about right? 25 hour print, aproximately?

That sounds about right if you are printing all parts at once. The models are in MM. I forgot Thingiverse doesn't show dimensions. I'll check the exact measurements tonight and update the info.

This will be my next print :-) very tidy!
Will post the results

Thanks! Share your print and tag @andrewbougie on Twitter and Instagram if you get a chance. :)