Flat-bottomed Moai

by Drathus Sep 11, 2013
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printed this on a Zonestar Z6 with fine settings. The print is Flawless


Any chance someone knows how to do a remix and turn this into a bank?

Oh won't you take me home tonight
oh down beside your red benchy
oh and you give it all you got
flat-bottomed moai you make the printin' world go round,
flat bottomed moai you make the printin' world go round

(guitar bridge)

Thx so much to flat it!!!
now I can try to print it without support!

This is a great print! No supports or raft needed on Rep2 on standard settings! Thanks!

I notice the license for this thing permits commercial use but that the thing it is derived from has a license that prohibits commercial use and is share-alike. Therefore it seems to breach the original license terms to change the license to be less strict. I'm surprised that http://thingiverse.comthingiverse.com let's you create derivatives licensed in this way? I'm curious what other people think? Most of the other remixes of this original design also have the "incorrect" license.

Wow. It looks like the NC part has been fixed already. That was quick! This thing should probably be share-alike like the parent too.

Hmmm, it should be. double checks

Huh... Thanks for pointing that out.

Yeah, that's kinda sad that Thingiverse doesn't set/restrict the license options correctly. I tested starting derivations of a couple other Things, one GPL and another a different CC license, and the form pre-pops with the basic CC-Attribution-Share Alike.

hola : dale like a mi pagina : un bezo trolin :)

Looks like you have some wobble on the Z axis...

Yeah, been trying to track the cause down but not luck so far. Sooner or later I'll find it. =)

See http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:20147http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

I even have to make such mod on my ORDBot Hadron, which is very rigid!

Prusa Z Screw Isolator