P5 MUTO Wide Angle 4X5 Pinhole Camera

by schlem Apr 16, 2016
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Thank you so much! You're the best! That worked perfectly! Now all I need to do is assemble and post a photo!
Do you have a favorite source for pinholes?

I make my own pinholes, like THIS. I check them with a digital microscope for shape and measure them for size. I usually get within 0.02mm of what I want. There is a learning curve, but it's just your time practicing. Making your own pinhole so easy, it's hard to justify $25-50 for some dubiously-better laser-drilled aperture. Hope that helps.

I have printed everything except for the plate that the hex fits into. However, because the file with that faceplate is grouped with a hex and shutter, it won't fit on the bed of my Lulzbot mini.
Is there a way to separate those objects in the file so I can just print the plate (or can you just upload it?) I am so vexed that this last piece won't print!
I don't know any 3-d programs or I would probably be able to do it myself.
Thank you,

The way I would separate the parts is to upload the plate of parts into a simple editor like Tinkercad (free online CAD tool) and "subtract" the unwanted parts by combining them with a negative space element, a "hole". As I designed this in Tinkercad, I have access to the "source files" and I uploaded the plate you need as a discreet part. It's called P5_MUTO_hex_front_plate.stl.
I hope that helps and sorry for the difficulty.

Hi Todd,
This will be my first 3D print, using my university's printer. I am curious, will I be able to retro-fit the "bellows" from your PINH5AD version of the camera, or is this one a "fixed lens" pinhole as far as focal length goes? Thanks

Hi rsayre

The bits that fit the film holder are the same. There's no clever mechanism to allow for interchangeable extensions, but good ol' gaffer tape should work fine, inside and out. Personally, I prefer the wide angle of view from the MUTO config, but I shoot it with a horseman/graflex 6x7 film back to keep from wasting the all the unexposed film at the corners. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other Q's!

This was the 1st 3d print i made.

How do I remove the raft from camera? The raft is very well connected to camera.

I'm flattered that you would rush to print my camera first thing. I have never used rafts, so I don't have any solid advice on that... But I bet the Internet does! THIS VIDEO seems to have some good suggestions.

Will this work with New55 film?

Or course it will... in theory. You will need a Polaroid 545 film back with rollers in good condition. New55 should have good exposure latitude, and they have shared Reciprocity Failure adjustments.

However, I have tried pinhole with New55 (using a different LF camera), rated at ISO 50, developed 2:00. Got nuthin. Like ZILCH.

It's not the camera at fault. I have a meticulous process based on rigorous metering and RF adjustment. I have no confidence in New55 at this point, nor do my other photographer friends. At $17/exposure (!!!) I would expect SOME KIND of image. Add the cost of an eBay film holder, and this becomes a very expensive exercise in trust.

FWIW, there are exactly five New55 Pinhole photos that I can find on Flickr.