Spray Can Mount

by Evan_VW Apr 16, 2016
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Can you share the Projects file (I want to adapt this for sg-9 servos) ?
That would be great.
Thanks in advance.

Can you share the code for the servo?

Can you share the file for edit?

Since you really only need two screws for this kind of power transfer, why not simplify this without the other half of the servo holder? make the first tab longer to have better support, and we don't need to outline the servo either. This would make printing it upright possible without supports. I hate supports and this one is particularly hard to orient for printing.

Good idea! I removed the rest of the servo plate from a model and added it here. You will still need some support around the outside ring though, as it is elevated a couple mm.

sweet printed both in abs, might need to reprint 3% larger, with a bench vice I could get it on, lol.

Nice! I might have to make the models with larger tolerances available for download too. Also I fixed a gap in the model that made the connection between the servo plate and can mount weaker.

sweet, I might need to remix it a little, not enough torque with the old Futaba servos I have laying around - they are slightly different in hole mounting such that the servo arm touches only near the last hole - giving me less torque to press down the can. If it does a full swing it can get a press in 50% of the time, but if it doesn't get some momentum going it can't. I added a notch to the arm, to catch the spray can nozzle edge and transfer that torque directly down, and it seems to be working much better now.