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Steelseries Stratus XL phone clip for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6 (also any phone model)

by Undeviljur Apr 17, 2016
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Super huge thank you for this, and bigger thank you for including solidwork files. Bought the controller yesterday for my iPhone X. I modified the any phone file, removed the phone holder, and instead that i added an GoPro female connection. I got lying around an male connection with camera screw and a expandable phone holder with camera screw threaded hole. Fits almost any phone and can be tilted almost 180 degrees. I will include an picture later, a bit busy now, i just did wanna say thank you, so the big meaningfull word don't forget because of pic.

You're welcome. I'm really interested to see what you made from the any phone model.
Maybe you can add it as a remix when you have the time.

I always hate it when there are only stl files because you can't change them easily. So i always upload step and Solidworks files too.

Thx for the nice comment btw.

I did upload it as a remix, like you did wish :)

Yea, totally agree with you, but i also can see reasons why not to upload the whole .part file. Some people like to steal stuff and gain profit of it. With file included, its really easy just do minor changes to not be affected by law. I would love to share everything what i have done, if i could be sure it would not hit on my markets if i would share / sell something. Some day ill be more open, since i hate to not-to-share, since im using shared stuff all days. Also sometimes im thinking too much legalities and overthinking. Super much thank you of making this open. :)

I Don't really care if people steel it. I rather have others enjoying it with the chance someone else is gaining profit from it.
But its a choice we all have to make ourselves.

Have a nice day and enjoy your nice Custom gameclip ;)

This works perfect for my galaxy s8. I have my phone in the spigen neo hybrid case, I don't need to use any glue or anything it snaps right in just like my s7 did when I first printed it. Thank you.

Thx for your comment. It may help others with the same phone and case

Hey Man, I got an LG V20, I measured it with Caliper and it is 82.39mm on landscape, (including case), could you help me get your design on that size so I can have it printed?

Thanks in advance!

You can use my any phone model to glue a phone case to it in any orientation you like.
I hope that helps.
I can't make models for every phone out there, hope you understand.

oh wait, is there a "any phone" file? sorry I can't find that one, how is the file called?
Sorry to bother, thanks for your reply.

I'm sorry. I made that for someone and did not upload it.
If you download all files now you will get the Any phone file too.
Sorry for the confusion.

Let met know if it works like you wanted.

I got one printed by Ed's Printing via Treatstock. Sturdy, thoughtful design that works perfectly with my Galaxy S7. Thanks!

Glad to hear that you like the design. Have fun gaming!

Hey man can you print me one? How much for it? thanks!

if your not from the Netherlands I'm not gonna sell you one. and i guess you not.

Hi! You look great, but you could not do a design for the iPhone 7 and 7plus

sorry man spend enough time on making it for a view phones and never heard from those people again. So i don't do that anymore. unless you are willing to pay me.

I have a Nexus 5x right now and am wondering how far off the dimensions for the s7 w/ case would be from the 5X without a case. Would it be close enough to give it a try?

I don't know. But if jou PM me your email address and the dimensions of the nexus 5x (measure with calipers or look for a detailed drawing) ill make a version for you that will fit.

And if it fits i can upload it so others can download it too.

Hi. Great design. I was.windering if will fit on the Galaxy S6. Thanks a lot.

Hey, the dimension of the S6 are a tiny bit different. But I think the chance it wil fit is big enough to try it. (If you have your own printer).

I can edit the model for you if it doesn't fit but it wil take a wile because I need time to instal my pc again.

Under that would be fantastic if you can. I need to purchase one adapter. Would you make and sell it for my S6?

Thanks for providing the solidworks models! I changed a couple dimensions to fit the S7 Edge, I might change the shape of the phone clamp if it doesnt work. I'll be sure to share when I work it out!

Did you get it to work with the s7 edge? I would love to print one for myself!

Does this work with Galaxy s7 Edge?

Hey justinjtg,

Sorry it does not.
The dimensions of S7 edge are different, I also can't change my design to fix this because of the rounded edge.

Is it possible for me to reconfigure your design to fit my phone?

Because your phone has no edge ware it can be hold its not possible.
The only solution wil removing the clamping arms (that grab around the phone) and get a case with you can glue on there.
If you want i can provide you with a model without the clamping arms and a slightly longer surface to glue a case to.

Yes that would be greatly appreciated, thank you :)

I was just going to sleep. Tomorrow after work i will edit the model for you.
Please send me a private message with your email adres so we can communicatie further. (I will also send you the model via mail) if it works and you wil provide photos i can add them to this page so others can benefit from it too.

works awesome! quick and easy to print, holds on to the controller great and is easy to get on and off

Hey Moondog8985,

I'm glad to hear someone thinks it is awesome.
Did you print the version without a case ?
If you have the time, I would like it if you could take a picture and add a make of my design.

Thx for the comment.