Wacom Intuos3 Pen Holder

by JamesRX Sep 16, 2013
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Lovely model. I'm printing one now, hoping to use with with an older Surface Pro stylus. What did you model this with?

I will scale it to fit your average pen/pencil... somehow.

Thanks ! I printed it for my Intuos 5 and I like it :-)

Fits my Wacom Bamboo Pen perfectly

Thank you! I am so keen to print this out, I was disappointed when my intuos didn't come with a pen holder, and I dislike clunking down a pen worth $100! Useful and looks great!

Man I have tried printing this 5 times on the Replicator 2, but for some reason the print head lays down 2 or 3 base layers just fine, and then speeds up and starts depositing filament above the build plate, around the edges of the base. These layers don't even touch the plate. I don't get it. I love this and I want to make it!

you didnt turn on that spiral thing, right?

What is "that spiral thing"?

I m not quite sure whats going on since it never happen when printing this. Maybe playing around with parameters like layer height n bottom thickness will help. Glad u like it, good luck.

Hello JamesRX I believe the "Spiral Thing" you are talking about is the vase feature for printing this model. I am not sure if that would be particularly useful for this print but, why not try it :)! Happy Printing.

I like it works also for the bamboo tablet too!! Good job!!

This is simply awesome. Very well done!

have probably just opened Pandora's box on this one. I would not want to be the
site moderator when OTHER shapes start being uploaded. - Still highly creative
and very inspiring. I like it!

would look a bit better if it incorporated a rocket nozzle at the top of the smoke plume.

Finally, some reassurance that I'm not the only one who view writing utensils as rockets.