Han Solo Blaster

by Smirf123 Apr 19, 2016
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Great model! Do you think the scope and mount from esb could be used with this?

I had a BLAST building your gun. Thank you for putting this on thingiverse!

Why not give the STL files sensible names?

This is a great model. You should add DL-44 to the name because many will search for that and not find this model.

Having trouble printing the scope. The supports break off right before it get to the point that i wouldn't need them anymore. Anyone else have this issue?

If anyone is interested in a remake that is chopped up to fit on the bed of a Monoprice Select Mini I have made one here:

Han Solo DL-44 Blaster for MP Mini

Hi I was printing the model and when printing the trigger the trigger guard snapped. I was printing pla at 60mm/s is this too fast for this model or do I just need to have support everywhere?

Model printed well, but I have a question about assembly. When trying to mount the piece that holds the scope to the frame, there is a gap created on the right side of the hammer because the entire side of the gun isn't flush. I've attached a photo. Have I got something put together wrong? If not, how are people mounting this piece?

Did you figure out how to mount the scope?

Yes, I ended up creating a small shim and gluing it in the gap.

Hi steve220,
I have some better pictures on a make that I have done on a remix of this model, I will post the other pictures on the main model. Check out this link, https://www.thingiverse.com/make:367622.

Han Solo Blaster - small printbed

Thanks Smirf123.

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This may be a silly question, but I didn’t see it posted anywhere. What are the completed assembled dimensions of this? Thanks.

Hi Smirf123,

how about some increased functionality eg trigger that moves -spring return. or anything else that moves from the movies. another thought would be including battery cavities and points to allow electronics to be mounted inside

Hi Nowzen,
Thank you for the suggestions, I will change the models and provide the new models in a update to the object.
Thank you,

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Hey CyberSquidd,
I will be looking into why it is showing up as nsfw in the near future.
Thank You,

A full k2S0 model!

i like your design but how is this considered nsfw?

I guess because it's a "gun", I don't see the problem though.

Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster Rifle

Can you make the China Broom shotgun from Bioshock Infinite?

yes please!!!!!!

Si claro, dispara pequeños rayos lasser, ten mucho cuidado.

How about the'Scorpio' from Blakes Seven?

I would really like to see Norse and Anglo Saxon sword Pommels and Cross guards. Not original designs but rather accurate historical reproductions. It has academic and recreational merit.

i would like a rolls royce spirit of ecstasy

this may seem really dumb but is there any specific way I should attach the pieces thanks

Hi Ember,
Just put them together as you see fit and put them together with screws.
Thank You,

I'd like to print one that actually have it's firing mechanism. But still I love this model!

I went ahead and arranged these files to fit on a 150x150x150 bed, here's the ZIP: http://dropcanvas.com/n7dnh

Prints in 2 sessions. Enjoy!

Hi~! I want to print Han Solo Blaster, I have a Da Vinci 1.1 plus printer. If you can, could you tell me how many meters of abs are necessary for this element?

Thank you so much!

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You uploaded someone else's design straight from MyMiniFactory? Did you even get their permission?

Sir if you look in the summary then you will see that I gave credit to the creator

That's not the issue. Just because you credited a design to someone, doesn't mean that you have their permission.

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Sir if you look in the summary then you will see that I gave credit to the creator

I have some problems with top.stl.
I want to divide the piece into two parts to be able to print it well, but when I edit it in Solidworks it gives me gometry errors, as if it were a single block with no faces or edges.

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Would this fit on the m3d printer? or would i have to slice up some parts for it to fit?

did you ever end up printing this with your m3d?

I arranged Han's blaster to fit on a 150x150x150 bed, prints in 2 sessions!

Enjoy: http://dropcanvas.com/n7dnh

I apologize I don't know that brand 3d printer so I would say try one and see i it works,

I'm currently printing the parts for this, using different ABS colours, will post pics soon.



The file "top" has an error.
I can´t edit it with either SketchUp 2016 or 3ds Max 2016.
It contains no polygons and can not be separated into parts for printing.
It only prints the base, and then the printer drops from 235 degrees to 100 degrees, ruining the model.
I think the model includes malicious code for the Prusa I3 3D.

I don't know about that Issue but i think that the program or 3d printer is not recognize the model correctly,

How can you state "doesn't matter" for supports when supports are very obviously necessary for a number of the parts? Did you actually print this without using any supports?

Hi I would just like to say that the results that I got off of multiple 3d printers and I suggest pla for this I got the best results without supports on the makerbot 3d printer but it won't always work

Thanks for bringing it up,

what size screws are recommended for assembling?

Do you guys used any supports for the trigger part and the barrel?

Any idea why mine printed with a weird gap between the Hammer and the breach bits?

Can you tell me what 3d printer that you are using, this will help me troubleshoot your issue,

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Judging by your profile picture, I highly doubt you're Alan Stanford. The original author of the design you uploaded. https://www.myminifactory.com/object/hans-solo-blaster-2488

At least give credit to the original author

I am sorry about that I have just changed the description. This was my bad.
Thank you for pointing that out