Stonepunk Alien Dwelling (15mm scale)

by dutchmogul Apr 21, 2016
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Would be nice if there were split versions for doing these at 28mm scale. I'm finding that for most buildings for tabletop RPGs and wargaming I need to print separate parts and construct the model using wood glue for best results (it works well with PLA), or if I have to, split the model into chunks that fit on my FDM printer (WanHao i3 can do 200mmx200mmx~180mm tall, which is pretty good sized.

Otherwise, yeah, cool model.

You could use Meshmixer (free program) to do a split, just using the plane cut function. If you do (and you print one) I want to see pics! Otherwise, yeah, I could do a 28mm version at some point, though to release it, I'd want to test it and all that, and that's work, so... not yet, haha. Too many other projects/things in my print queue. But if you get one to work, post a remix. That would be awesome!

Allrighty. I've been using Slic3r (also free) to split things. Maybe Meshmixer would giver better control...Slic3r basically only lets you do plane cuts, which isn't ideal for a lot of shapes.

This is ultra cool, i love it.

Your models never cease to amaze me. Great work, as ever.

Hey thanks, David!

You like? I'm considering doing a whole series like this.

Yes I would love whole series like this