Power Battery Vape Flask V3 18650-21700

by adolist Apr 21, 2016
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Love the design and in hand feel.
It's a tad loose but that could be my printer not being calibrated yet.
I do have a design addition if you feel the need! If the lid had the case fig 8 on the inside the batteries would fit better and give a small space to add a piece of foam to stop the batteries rattling around. The figure 8 in the lid would lock the two together better. This of course is just my thoughts and the only thing I would change..

I'm completely new and have no clue how to do this or I would.

Thanks for sharing

Hi, I've been wanting to do this model for a long time and I do not get the right size on 21700. I use the parameters that you use and keep coming out the hole. What do you recomend?

21700 model's lid has been resized to account for discrepancies with thickness & infill, it should work now. Just re-download the lid file & print so you don't have to print the entire thing again.

scale the x down a few tenths of a mm at a time untill you get a snug fit. i had to lower my density just a smidge to fix my proble but the design is solid.

I'm not sure if it was just luck of the draw, if i made mine too dense, or if it requires some sort of wizardry top open the 21700 v3 but it seems the tolerance on the interior of the lid of to close by a smidge (technical term)

Modified the lid to be slightly larger on the inner diameter, re-download 3.1 & it should fix your problem.

Version 3 has been added, the old version has been removed, if you would still like the old version I will add it back at a later date. To view updates go to thing details and read 'UPDATE V3'.

Nice design. Users should drill a tiny hole on the bottom for safety reasons (to allow any gases to escape in case of battery damage).

Normally I would agree with you on this however conductive liquids/dust would have a higher likely hood of being able to enter, for example if let sit out on a counter and accidentally you spill a soda. That & most users are vapers and e-liquid has a tendency to get everywhere which is also conductive to some extent. This lid doesn't have a high enough 'grip' or any seal to constitute a need for holes as to prevent compression of out gassing. All of the above would be thrown out the window if it were made of metal, which would definitely require holes.

I had some weird artefacts on the lid due (I must guess) entirely to the fact that my corners peeled up, although both prints are structurally sound and work excellently to protect my batteries.

Looks to me like your belt might be slipping to some extent when printing or more likely the machine is moving because of a wobble from the table its sitting on. I had this problem for over a year & troubleshooted it for days before I figured out it was because the small table I set my printer on wobbled during prints. For prints to stick better I use Elmers Washable School Glue - Disappearing purple, it works the best. Ive tried many different types through hundreds of prints & this one is definitely the best/strongest, in fact it works to well & normally I have to use a putty knife to remove my prints.

URL: https://www.amazon.com/Elmers-Glue-Stick-E4062-sticks/dp/B01JZYM6GC/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=elmers+glue+stick&qid=1557262463&s=gateway&sr=8-5

Could you please upload separate models (base and cover) ?

Done, check thing files.

very nice,but cover is better whit 99% scale ! 100% is too big .

Can you upload the top and bottom segments seperately? The retraction and going back and forth on the 2 pieces makes the bottom and top poor quality unless ran super slow

Done, check thing files.

Lid is way too tight. Had to use pliers to pull it back off and when I did, it pulled most of the upper portion off with it.

Print resolution is probably to low, I print at 0.2mm which is the maximum for many printers & this was designed to print at 0.2mm for retail quality standards. 0.3mm and above and you will start seeing fitting problems as it was designed with a 0.3mm tolerance for the lid.