Kindle Case - new version

by chunkyhampton Dec 28, 2011
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Way cool idea.... wonder if this could be done for an iPAD or iPhone?... also instead of putting

the hinge on the left side.... put across the top so that when folded under, it actually slightly

raises the top of the Kindle (or anything else) for easier viewing... like a flip phone. Now if I only

had a Kindle.... ;)

Hinge on the top is a great idea (why idnt I think of that? - maybe I'm just too used to those normal book things). I'll do another DXF for that someday.

This design could also be done for iphone and ipad - a friend at Nottingham hackspace has already done an iphone case design which is where I got the idea for this. No sure if they have released it into the wild, though...

yeah - if amazon would like to send me a free kindle to play around with then I will shamelessly plug their products even more.....