Mini Commodore C64 with 1541 disk drive (and now 1702 Monitor)

by RabbitEngineering Sep 29, 2013
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Is there any chance of getting the source OpenSCAD files to make it easier to modify?

Approximately what scale is this? Would be awesome to print for my 1/10 RC truck.

The model is 50mm wide, and the real 64 was 400mm; so it's a bit bigger than 1:10 scale. But if you print at 80% size, you should be pretty much at the right scale for your truck.

Awesome, thank you. It will look great in my scale garage.

Great model! Please put what colors each should be printed in

you do an awesome job just made the xbox 1 s, once i put on labells will post a pic

can you make other things for it such as printers?
i mean the ink kind or something like the ram extension

I've printed those a while ago and like to reprint it, but I'm missing the right case colour.
Any hint about the correct fillament?

I don't use colored filaments for my prints generally (except black and red and I've now found a grey/silver I like) - the one in the photo is printed in white, and then sprayed with Rustoleum 2X Satin Fossil.

I will need to print this and place next to my C64! Cool model.

Love this!! Brings back fond memories of my first computer, BBS' and gaming! Although I started with a tape drive :-D Thanks!

Excellent, Will have to have a tinker and see if i can fot a Raspberry Pi or adruino board inside.

Much better than a plan boring case.

Following on from Tuxcat's comment on the monitor but where is the datasette?
Surely every Vic-20 owner had a datasette? Or was just just us poor folk?

Just spotted you have the Pet and Amiga's also, off to download those, Thank you.

What no monitor?

I love these models though! C-64 was my first computer.. definitely brings back memories!

Gee, just hook up the C64 to that TV over there using the RGB cable...

OH THE SHAME IT BURNS MY SKIN. You win, tuxcat, please no more! ;-) I have added a 1702 monitor to the model.

OMG! That's awesome!!! Thanks!

I really enjoy seeing this!

="thingiverse-c703af5c89b1d0bc2e99f540f553f182:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-c703af5c89b1d0bc2e99f540f553f182/Ktronik - it's a sticker. You can find it on labels.pdf included in the download files.

all this mini stuff is so COOL!! but how did you do the C64 logo strip on the top back??

As a nerd this excites me, as an adult man.... yup, still excites me.
I still have a few adventure game carts rustling around my house.


Because I remember when I unpacked the original C64 for the first time :)

Wow, that brings back memories. It was the first computer I ever bought with my own money.

Scary thing is, you could probably put the entire thing into a 2 inch case with today's technology and that 1541 disk drive (Click click whirr) could hold several gigs as a usb drive.