My Little Pony - Applejack

by Albazcythe Sep 14, 2013
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This model kept crashing Simplify3d. took a lot of tweaking just to get it to slice properly.
Also, its front feet are not touching the ground. =/

I really enjoy your applejack. Can someone please tell me how i can print this? I tried downloading the file but its zipped and i cant even open it :( i need to send the file to my local library so they can print her our for me. HELP!

You can download the individual .stl files. Just click on the folder icon named "Thing files" and then on the correct file.

I tried to print it with my Prusa i3 but I had sone troubles. Support from Slic3r 0.9.9 was ok but as you see under made it has strange artifacts around the face and the tail. :-(

The way it was modeled might be confusing Slic3r - try some other softwares like Cura or RepG: they all have different ways of dealing with model problems. I encountered a similar problem with my models when I used boolean operations incorrectly in Blender - Slic3r would repeat a bunch of layers just like that Might also be able to fix the model somehow but it can be kind of difficult to see what's wrong.

As said before, this was not modelled correctly for printing but for animation, thus there are layers inside layers. I'll make it whole soon and upload it. This never went through Boolean process. Btw, Booleans operations in my case using Maya will always leave unconnected edges. If there are lots of those, I Mesh>triangulate the whole mesh to fix all it at once.

i´ve also seen prints from people that cut the model in 2 pieces.
to reduce the support material, but it might also `fix´ your artifact problem

Hmm... I see... I printed mine on the Rep2 using makerware. This model is still a work in progress, though. You could maybe try printing the template and see how it goes since the problem is pretty much the aggregates. Also, you could try printing, if possible, with a 100% infill since most pieces are intersected and that could cause some confusion to the slicing stage. I'm still working to make her "whole" since it was never planned for 3D printing but for animation. The print took me a few tries though but I'll be working on it to make more (: