Dual Technics Headshell / Shure Cartridge Case

by anewsome Sep 14, 2013
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Hello, great product! any idea if it fits concorde's? They may be longer and have more of an angle

Hello, great product! any idea if it fits concorde's? They may be longer and have more of an angle

The case looks great... I was just working on an SME style socket I was going to glue/screw to a store-bought box before I found this. Question regarding your cartridge mounting: Why do you have them both skewed in the headshell? I've never seen anyone do this intentionally, as it usually leads to channel imbalance, tracking problems, and funky record wear. (It'll ruin all of your records, not just the funky ones.)

The concorde's fits in the shell? Thank you!

Exactly my thought

so download certificate trust list file and take that file to local 3d printing shop & they will print this box for me ? sorry im just old skool man

how do you make one of these ?

Well if you man how do you 3D print on of these, just download the file and print it on your printer. If you don't have a 3D printer, you can download the file and then upload it to a site that 3D prints stuff for you, like shapeways or one the 100 other sites.
If you meant how I created the 3D model, I used Solidworks.

Comments deleted.

Just made one on my new Replicator 2 with Makerware on Standard preset. Took a bit of effort to get the hinge to break loose the first time, but it works great after a couple minute of gently, firmly flexing it to get it started. The outside edge of the stylus holders rubbed a bit against the inside of the lid when closing. A bit of sanding cleared that up.

I use Ortofon Concorde cartridges. These have an arm that is angled upward a bit higher than standard headshells as pictured. As such, the lid won't quite close when they are in this case. I think another 3mm-4mm of height clearance would be enough to make this work with Ortofon cartridges.

Thanks for the great design!


That's Christmas sorted for a couple of my friends...

Fantastic idea...

Right on! This is about iteration number 4 so this thing is dialed in pretty tight by now. I haven't sized/tested it for any other headshell/cartridge combinations yet but it fits the pictured set nicely. The slide into the cylinder will be a little tight the first time but it becomes pretty easy after it's worn in a bit. If you need to write some text on it to customize it for your DJ buddies, that's pretty simple to do with OpenSCAD, Blender or whatever you use for CAD. My text is inset at 1mm. When I print this at .20 layer height, I get a nice text inset.

For the two color treatment, I just changed filament after the first layer.