Lm8uu X Carriage with Fan Mount for Prusa Mendel

by GregFrost Dec 29, 2011
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So how does the Budaschnozzle work on this carriage? Or should I choose another carriage?

I really have no idea how to work scad. I have copied the text from your github into the text box, and it makes almost none of the part. I think that I'm missing other parts that you added onto to make the final part, am i right? if so can you please explain quickly which parts I need to include in the code and where? thank you

Look in the message box to see if there are errors about not being able to load include files. That will tell you what you are missing. You may want to download all of the spice from my GitHub.

I printed this one out to replace my original Prusa x-carriage with bushings. It works well, but the belt tabs are a bit short and forces the belt a little too close to the fender washer and the x pulley.

I like the fact that the two bearings are on the edge closest to the belt attachment point. I always thought a single bearing along that edge would bind easier.


I pulled from your github and all the holes were the wrong sizes!

I rewrote your scad like such:

m3 hole: cylinder(r=3.0 / cos(180 / 8) / 2 + 0.05, $fn=8, ...)
m3 nut trap: cylinder(r=5.5 / cos(180 / 6) / 2 + 0.05, $fn=6, ...)
m3 nut trap slot: cube([5.5 + 0.1, ...])

etc and now they're all abs
olutely perfect, see http://triffid-hunter.no-ip.info/nut_trap_size.pnghttp://triffid-hunter.no-ip.in... for a diagram of where that math comes from.


I can't seem to find the sae.scad file in the Git hub repository. I wanted to rebuild some things and it fails without sae.scad .

Can you push it up there?

Where did you get that gorgeous gray filament?

It is Vik Olliver's silver pla: http://diamondage.co.nz/plahttp://diamondage.co.nz/pla

It is amazing stuff. It is so beautiful to print with.

Nice design... but to switch form your older x-carriage will require taking the whole X assembly apart.. :'(

I clearly need to upload my new x-ends too. With them you can just slide the x rods out (along with another innovation that you'll have to wait until I have tested).

But why would you want to replace your old carriage. This should be more for new printers.

Couldn't you just remove the zip ties and snap off the old carriage? Then snap in the new?

Nop.. the Single
amp; Double lm8uu rail are reversed. so the belt clamps will be on the wrong side.