50% printed Loom (Textile mill)

by eried Dec 29, 2011
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Just today I got the idea to make something like this and here it is! I really want to build one.

What kind of glue, adhesive or fastener did you ues the assemble the heddle or roll bar?

With fiber glass epoxy resin, but probably any glue will work

If I successfully manage to build a loom using your 3d printed parts would it be a big deal if I posted a file for the woodworking end of this?

It will be great! Maybe you can add them as derivative to keep your 'copyrights'?

It looks to me like you need
some step by step instruction on how to make a way to transform the wooden
parts of your loom into workable downloadable woodworking plans.

Start by taking apart the
loom (should not be too hard since it’s held together with thumb screws)

Next measure and type up the
straight pieces making sure you note down where each piece goes on the loom and
if they need rabbits (grooves) cut into them and how deep.

Now take the odd shaped pieces
of wood and scan them on a flat bed computer scanner (if you have to do pieces
in chunks so there’s a little over lap)

Save this to a file format
that can be printed up in 2d (not any CAD formats go for bmp, pdf or jpeg)

If you would like to see an
example of this idea a sewing pattern company called WILD GINGER has a free
download on their website called Wild Things that works the same way for hat,
bag and other clothing accessories.

Yeah, there is no more details than the specified ones. The name of the design is "Telar para Valentina": this means it was for a girl as a gift from the original designer so it isn't in my hands anymore to take apart and measure.

I am sorry to tell you this but putting the wooden plans in CAD format was a bad move. If you put them in a format that can be printed on a 2d printer (paper printer) then it would only be easy to print up the harder to cut out parts and attach them down to the wood with either spray adhesive or double stick tape to make cutting them out easier and also WHERE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS TO ASSEMBLE THE LOOM? I can't even find info on how many of each part I should print or cut out.

Sorry, no precise measures were taken from the wood, I just did the plastic pieces. The cad is just an estimation but it was not used to cut the wood.

Maybe you could use a laser cutter to make the wooden parts

Sure, but I don't have one :/

Please can we have the wood measurements (if that is notWood pieces preliminar.skp) and the assembly instructions soon, I so want to make one for my mother who did this in her youth and it will bring back so many memories for her!

This is really cool. I am going to build one for myself and one for a friend of mine who is really into weaving.

Can't wait for the details for the wood!


I wonder if you could print some of the wood in segments and attach it some how. I might look into that.

Great! I can't wait to get started on this.

I attached a file with the wood dimensions. It is 1:1 in size but it is not a very polished file yet :)

This is great!

This is the sort of serious project that makes 3D printing more than a toy.

Thanks for sharing it with us.