Single Z motor for Prusa i3

by radus Sep 15, 2013
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What screw types&length do you use ?

I need help on locating a belt.

I have a prusa i3 acrylic addition. will this awesome mod work for it as well?

I am tired of my motors going out of sync. I love this design but can't find a belt. Any suggestions? Thank you

I found belt in old matrix 2d printer A3 Epson

can you make a prusa i3 with a 300mm x 300mm bed ?

I'm thinking about something similar... the reason would be having always both threaded rods synchronized. If, for any reason, you (or someone else) turn one rod, they will get out of sync.

But your design have some issues.. you cannot hold the upper end of those rods.. they need to wobble, otherwise your hotend will wobble... I have never seen a perfect straight threaded rod..

I was thinking about placing the pulleys/belt on the bottom, near the motor.. but there is no free room there...

Best Regards..

You are wrong, in my design threads no way connected with the carriage and the hot end. Wobbles can not be transferred to the hot end.

But they are connected. My understanding is that the threaded rod wobble can actually push/pull the smooth rods of which the z axis rides on. A solution could be one of the printable flexible couplings here on thingiverse.

Length of belt is about 105 cm.

Looks great! That's a quality setup. How long is the belt you use?