Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

F1 Ferrari Steering Wheel 2016 Version (OSW and Thrustmaster base compatible)

by LocalwarCorp Apr 23, 2016
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Am I the only one who gets these weird voids by the base of the handles?

I fixed the holes. Just curious the screw size to attach the cover to the base body part.

The screws are M3x40, but M3x35 may also work.
I have checked the holes you commented and although when slicing the part with Cura the print works correctly, the .stl file contained errors, so I have uploaded a new corrected version. Please tell me if it works correctly now and thanks for the warning.

Thanks, how about to attach the paddles on the back?

Which 3d printer you use, because the measurements of my bed are 220x220x240 and I cant print the wheel...
Thank you ;)

Will this newer version still fit the G25 base?

Hola, me encanta tu trabajo, quiero ponerlo a imprimir esta semana, pero tengo una duda importante, cual es la versión compatible con el G25/G27?¿
La protof12016v3 o la f12016um2 (en esta parece que hay algún error en los laterales, se quedan planos)??
O esas son las versiones para OSW?
Quisiera imprimir la nueva versión reforzada y con las aperturas para la base de las palancas de cambio pero no se cual es.
Tanto en una como en la otra veo mas agujeros de sujeccion a la base del volante que en el de la versión de g25. Todos menos 2 parecen estar a las mismas disposiciones pero lo que no estoy seguro es de si son para diámetro de volante normal o el de g25/27.
En caso de no haber una versión reforzada compatible con los G25/27, podrías hacerla? O una galleta adaptadora como estas podría valer para montar la alguna de esas dos versiones en un G27?

Estoy terminando una versión del panel frontal para poder añadir una pantalla 4.3 tft y los leds para que sea como la pantalla McLaren PCU-8D que llevan desde 2014, casi esta acabado queda poco ya :) Solo me falta los leds de estatus de pista y poco mas ^^

Logitech G27 to Universal Wheel Adapter
Logitech g27 Steering wheel adapter

Hola, pudiste terminar el volante? Me encanta tu proyecto. Avísame por favor si lo tienes en venta y de donde sos. Saludos

hi many thanks for this wheel, i have a question were you buy the buttoms with letters? i tried to find but without succes.

The tags for the buttons and the rotarys are just uploaded.
The file is pegatas.7z.
The 55 mm version are the showed in the pictures,but you got others versions if you like.
Printed in adhesive paper with a old fashion 2d printer :)
The buttons are this http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=98_74&products_id=190
Probably you can use this too,http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=98_74&products_id=189 since the first ore a little bit hard to push.

My printer is 254x228x200 Can I use the Body of the original version to print handles separately? Also, any update on parts list?

Thank you

Hello and sorry for the delay.
I´ve took another way to solve this that maybe you can try.Is a quick an dirty solution,but i think can work.

f12016um2.stl is the new body with a cut in the handles to fit your build surface.
The part looks a little weak in the lower zone of the handles,but maybe is enough since the body has 2 strong points yet.
Can you print this and let me know how it works?

I would really like to print this, but it dosn't fit my printer, could you silce it so that it fits a Ultimaker 2?

Would you happen to have a version for a Thrustmaster base?

Some news for you :)
I´ve uploaded 3 files:
thrustf1base.New body with the holes at 70mm.
thrustf1quick.The thrustmaster adapter for the base now with 5 screws only.The top hole is removed so as not to change the paddles and holes of the body much.
thrustf1paddlebase.Modified a little bit to let the adapter fit.The shorter side goes down.
Check if they work for you and please,let me know because I do not think I'm going to print them.

é possibile avere il file step? grazie

Check out the file STEPS.7z and let me know if works for you.
I´ve convert the files using Freecad.

Hello budy, how are you? great job, you can tell me if the base fits in the G27?

Hello.The holes in the base are at 50 mm of the center.
Since i know this distance is the same in the G25 and the G27,so yes it must fit.