Puzzle Box

by bitmask Dec 31, 2009
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I realize that this is an old post, but do you happen to have the detailed build instructions? The link is broken, so I can't find any instructions for the build. I took a look at the files, and frankly, I'm not excited about the prospect of trying to figure out how to assemble the box without knowing how it's supposed to work or be done. Any help?

I used to have pictures, but I'm not sure where they are now. Your best bet might be the pictures from this remix: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:880770 which show how to lay out the sides.

Cubey 2
by arne182

what would you suggest as a laser? not a co2 one.

I made a variant of this for 3 and 6mm plywood by simply scaling by 1/(2.54/8/.3)=0.94488. Some parts are simply two identical 3mm pieces glued together, this could go on the 6mm wood instead. Found a mistake in the design though, one of the panels of the lid is wrong. I manually corrected that after cutting. Also, the tolerances are very tight, mine needed quite a bit of sanding. I recommend making it slightly bigger so the wood is less thick compared to the notches, then the sliding should work better.

Any chance to get this in some kind of parametric format (openscad?), so that I could adapt it to metric wood widths ?

Do you have this in a DXF or DWG format?? I am having extream problems trying to converte this and the CNC at my high school will not work with svg or eps.

I've uploaded .dxf files that I exported from Inkscape with the default settings. I don't have access to AutoCAD to test these, so let me know if they work out for you.

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