Handle for Allen/Hex Wrench/Key

by JohnSL Sep 16, 2013
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You should really put a height customizer in the thingiverse Customizer app. It's ALREADY in the scad file. Would be almost no issue to do, and would probably be a lot better for other people. I've checked, and already made a little stubby one to save time and plastic.
Anyway, thanks for the design!

Neat, was struggling with a fiddly allen head screw and thought about making my own, but figured I should search first.

I wonder though if a slight re-design that uses a screw to hold the allen wrench in place wouldn't be a good idea, can re-use screws, would chew through less zipties.

Printed at 10% in XT, works great!

very nice thing thanks

Thank you for posting this, works great!!! i love it

It looks pritty handy

We don't have digital calipers but I think we have the manual version.

Capable of taking a lot of force? Great job! Andrew (http://3dhacker.com3dhacker.com)

Is there an option for lettering in the customizer? It a MUST

Pro tip, if you measure the flat sides on a hexagon and multiply it by 1.155 you get the diameter needed ;)

Printed out great using Slic3r an i3 and ABS! Agree with others about
alternate locking of any sort. At the very minimum I would say increase
the thickness of the thinnest part of the slots for the zip ties. One
slot broke on the very first insertion. Doesn't really affect
functionality from what I can tell though.

A thick locking plastic C-Clip lock that rotates around the handle would make this perfect.

Would be better with a proper locking mechanism that makes it easy to insert/remove the key.

I'm thinking maybe a gun bolt-action idea with a bump on a tab that the short end of the wrench snaps into, or something to that effect.

Where? What does it shoot?

Any chance you could design a handle for xilte tools. The hex handle could work with a little modification.
Thanks in advance

Can you provide more information? What are xilte tools?

Likely Xcelite was intended..

amazing thing , thank you this is great tool