Parametric Cylindrical Battery Dispenser

by Justblair Dec 29, 2011
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Sadly the batteries all fall out with the slightest bump due to the weight of the others on top.

I think you can change that by reducing the value assigned to variable angle (ín "Channel Dimensions and Shape") slightly, resulting in a steeper bottom plate.
There's also a customiser remix of this item, with changed disposal snout, which keeps the battery cells steadily in place: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1741164

Customiser: Justblair's Parametric Cylindrical Battery Dispenser

Very cool! Just one thing: the extenders should also use the mount_tab_opt.

I I designed the holders to be a uniform size, I am sorry to say that the size I picked is too small for C sized batteries.

I got it. Set channel_width to 32

awesome idea, it's printing right now! :)

If I make another one I'll come up with a way to snap the backplates together, and possibly a stand so it doesn't require a wall.

Are those two holders you printed in the main picture the same size? If so then I'm guessing you managed to space it such that it fits AA's snugly and AAA's will stack up in it without falling over each other.

I'll try printing one or two straight from the STL files if that's the case. :) I currently have my rechargeables in a messy box, and they probably do discharge each other occasionally, love this design as I can use them in order now.


The two holders in the picture are slightly different to one another. I spaced them so the outer dimensions were similar but the inner tracks that hold the batteries are sized differently.

I you look in the scad files there are dimensions there for both AA and AAA batteries. I would advise that
you try printing the calibration piece first and double check that the track dimensions match your printer

This is why I love this website. Very smart, simple idea. I am definitely going to print one of these.

I would be absolutely delighted if you do and post it up here!

ughh... excelent idea!, I made a shitty AA holder, but now I regret printing and buying the plastic cases for my design :(

I think that your case looks pretty cool.

I love it!!

Great Idea :-D