Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

i3 Magnetic dual hotend mount

by karlzhao314 Apr 24, 2016
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Awesome design. Such a simple concept. I read through the website you linked and I'm very surprised more printers don't do this.
I was thinking about it, and I think you may be able to simplify the design a bit actually.

  1. You don't really need magnets on the ends for the parking position, because it doesnt matter too much that it is held rigid. The unused carriage can just sit there.
  2. The hotend holding carriages don't need linear bushings/bearings, because that will be handled by the moving carriage. You just need to design in some features that register the position when the carriages attach.

any news ? how did it work ?

got your magnets already?

Not yet, unfortunately. They ship from China, so it could be a couple more weeks. :(

they sure take their time huh?

I'm really curious about this. Would need to rework this for my core-xy though. Test it asap please

I'll try. Still awaiting magnets and time to design parking points.

This is for Prusa i3s only, but you're welcome to design a version for yourself :)

luckily I made my x-axis i3 compatible so it should be easy.