Rigid XEnds w/ Adjustable Endstop

by GregFrost Dec 30, 2011
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I like all the stuff built into the motor end (Z-stop adjuster
amp; X endstop mount) very cool.. But what I would love would be an X-Idler End with smooth rod clamps like:


Then I wouldnt need to cut my extra long X rods :) I wish I understood Openscad enough to try editing it :(

Improved X ends for Prusa with clamped rods

How would I change the M8 nuts for the lead screw out for M5 instead?

I printed this but noticed that my M8 nuts are loose in the x ends. When I say loose they still pull the x ends up and down but the nuts can move a little before they actually move up. Is this normal?

A bit of play helps prevent Z wobble in the event of slightly bent z rods or slightly misaligned z rod/motor.

would be nice if you made an update with the zip-ties going around the whole thing, like many have modified the original. So its doesnt need to make it so week on those spots..

Parts printed very well. Thanks! :)

I had a little trouble with the short sides on the x-end-idler, the first few layers are a little too narrow in that section (measuring between the outside edge and the gap for the rod clamp) resulting in only a single line of filament being placed there in the beginning. When it finally gets to a layer where it tries to print both sides of the perimeter (with no infill), there isn't anything for the second line to stick to.

I'd suggest either making the overhang more vertical (making the whole part slightly wider at the bottom) or widening the whole part by 0.5mm on each side (leaving the rod holes where they are.)

FYI, my extrusion settings are 0.2 high and 0.5 wide at the moment, with a 0.5mm nozzle. Bridging isn'
t going too well at the moment, the filament tends to snap and blob onto the nozzle until it's scraped off on the other side of the bridge.

Very nice, as always!

I really like the z-adjustment.