Flight of the Wind Dragon

by dutchmogul Sep 17, 2013
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Any other options to fix the bottom portion? Netfabb didnt work.

For some reason the bottom of the ship is not rendering properly in Slic3r for me. The top printed pretty well, tub I'm not seeing an entire model in Slic3r. Any suggestions?

Yeah, try running the corrupted file through Netfabb. If you're using Windows 10, the 3D Builder app (comes with the operating system) is good at fixing models too.

There's another way to fix it? Cause I don't have netfabb and my slic3r neither slice it :/

Thanks! That solves problems on several things for me!

You got it, happy to help!

I would like to able to print a larger version @ 25cm or 50cm long

Yes, yes! Do it! And post pics! That should make it about perfect-sized for human-sized 28mm models, yeah?

Man you really rock the socks - your models are so amazing

Hey, thank you!

Easily the coolest thing I have printed so far. Thanks so much for designing it!

Hey, thanks! Pics! Let's see some pics!

Printing at .6 scale and so far Awesome:D As usual, never expected anything less(:

Dude IOm dumb, just saw rails IDIOTA :D

Haha, no worries. It looks like they should be separate. Post pics when you print it!

Man everything was beautiful but posts pieced out, I had retract set higher than refeed and it did not print them, but finishing print, maybe make it look like it is going down in flames or something, hate to trash it. only took 1.3 hours for top half of ship, 25 min bottom of ship, now wings and what not, but surely will reprint bigger to get the darn posts to print properly(:

Man, that's a drag. Only 1.3 hours though?? Dude, that part took me the better part of a day to print :-P I was printing at .1 though. Maybe you could slice the posts as a separate part (via boolean) and print them and glue them on?

yah I printed at .15 for a little less print time. I am still SOOOO nube with software I have basic tools, just got zbrush, and 3d inventor, so some day I should be able to do just that(:

Hey bro was gonna print buy where did posts go? see the rails but no posts, awesome model once again bro.

Dude! you got TOO MUCH time on your hands haha!! how do you do it? :P Love this ship, cool design! Maybe I should try something like this, really like it. As I said numerous times before, the paintjob makes it come alive, that's a great plus ;-)

Haha, thanks, man! Honestly, I just work fast. I designed this thing over a morning, then spent the next day and a half printing it (what I wouldn't give for a bank of printers).

Can you do a youtube video of your workflow? I'd love to do work closer to yours but I can only think in OpenSCAD and I hate blender. You really do bang this stuff out.

I really should do that. I'll get on it....

That would be so awesome

You aren't entering these guys in the competition?

Oh, they're entered. I'll make a post for each of the gnomes as well, just because they deserve individual entries, but they're really part of this model as a whole (there's a story behind all of this)

Looks like another thing I'll have to queue up to print huh? I really hope that after the contest ends, you don't stop with these remixes. They are fantastic!

Queue it up! No worries, contest or no, I'm now addicted to modding out gnomes. I'd like to see how big of a world I can build around that one model.

I would like to collaborate maybe on this theme ;-) Wouldn't that be cool? I love modelling this stuff :)

Man, for sure. Shoot me a message, let's talk.

Incredible! I lovely the hinge details on the wings and everywhere else.

Much appreciated! Yeah, I was especially proud of the knotwork (somebody just learned to use Inkscape)

Amazing! I agree, the paint is great.

Thanks, I really put a lot of effort into this one.

I can understand! I started to paint some of my models, and, mmm, resultats are far from yours :o/

I have no words to properly describe the greatness of this model.

Thanks, dude! I'm slowly but surely building a gnome army here.

Very very nice!
the characters are fun.
The boat is excelent!
and the paint is as always great!

Thanks, Perry! Yeah, I had a lot of fun designing this one. One of my more epic prints (up there with the House Spider) and man, did it make me wish I had multiple machines.

I was interested in your process for the "embossed" design.
did you do this in tinkercad or was it imported and then subtracted?
(was the "drill" modeled in tink?)
Either way it is a really nice detail!

Oh, its really easy. Just take a b&w image, import it to Inkscape, select 'trace bitmap' then export it as an SVG. then you can upload that into TinkerCAD as a primitive.