Vera - Firefly

by metaform3d May 10, 2016
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im going to make this my first "massive project" 3d print. running an ender 3 and using pla, im thinking 30% fill , will this hold up using pla

also. ive never printed any items with voids/windows in them. what kind of supports should i use for say, the magazine housings where theres a rectangular void in the sidewalls. thanks!

I'm struggling with securing the rear sides so that the bullet-stock doesn't simply rip them off once it's attached (and hanging from the two holes). I tried CA glue, but it's not strong enough, neither is my 3D pen... :-/

I used epoxy along the entire length of contact.

This is absolutely amazing...so well done!

It is my very favorite gun.

Anyone design a stand or mount for this yet?
Would love some kind of wall mount for my office. :)

I'm down to only a couple more prints now & looking forward to getting it all put together.

Comments deleted.

How long should the pvc segments be? Just want to make sure. Also, I scaled down the entire print by 75 percent so what would you recommend for a diameter and length?

Going back to my original models I have pipe down the center of the main body at 33 cm and the one for the magazine at 18 cm. The one in the scope is 7 cm. If you're changing the scale on the model you're on your own with that. Good luck!

Soooo Shiny. Thank you so much for this, going to start printing today..........Amazing

which piece would be the biggest?

love the design getting ready to print over the weekend.

Not sure which is biggest. They're all designed for a 120x120x120 mm build volume.

Ok awesome. I really do appreciate this work you put into it. My printing is in full motion now printing the bullets.

How long to print and how much material? Oh, and that is pretty awesome.

I estimate about 95 hours and 800 grams of ABS at a low fill setting. And thanks!

Almost done assembling mine, noticing the rear is open behind the back plates. Is this normal? Not seeing any parts I missed but I see the hole for the PVC and the square holes in "body back", but no cap/cover for them. It's hidden behind the back plates for the most part, but just curious on my part

You're right, Jesshield, there was a part missing. I've added it here. It's called END_CAP.STL and it covers both the round and square holes.

Awesome, thanks!

One more question and then I'm almost done! Are the two pins on RailFront the only thing connecting the stock to the body of the gun?

That's correct, and accurate to the prop as far as I can tell.

Awesome, I think I'm down to gluing and painting in a few details!

Hi, about 75 % through my build. Could you add some closer up pictures of the ranger and stock? Not quite seeing where some of the pieces go. Specifically on the stock, not seeing where the Rack_End piece goes. Also, is the R_mount for the ranger or the rack? I think it is for the ranger, but can't quite tell. Thanks!

RACK_END fits into the gap formed when you fit the two RACK_2M pieces together. It's needed to so you can fit all 6 bullets. R_MOUNT is for the ranger -- the teeth fit with the track. Post your build when you're done, I'd love to see it!

Thanks, I'll post my progress so far under "I Made One" in a minutes.

Can you please tell me the size of the largest printed piece? We are trying to figure out if our printer will accommodate this.


They're designed for my printer which has a volume about 110x110x125mm. If yours is smaller than that you'll have to cut things.

so i am in the process of printing out all the pieces to build this. are there any assembly instructions? I am doing my best from the pictures but i cannnot seem to see where CAP and CAP B fit in to this

Excellent question -- I forgot to include that in the pictures. CAP and CAP_B are glued together to form a safety and compliance cap for cons. You glue the two together, paint them bright orange, and slip them over the end of the muzzle when not doing photographs. I run an orange streamer from the loop in the cap for extra visibility. It's important to assure that everyone can tell this isn't a real gun.

Sweet...I love Firefly. it was a great show...gonna have fun making this one...thanks!!