Dallas Skyline (downtown)

by brandonw Apr 24, 2016
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Wow. Just wow. I am printing this at 170% scale in ABS. This is a challenging print for abs, especially in this scale, but I am excited for the finished print. It is a 40 hr print but used to be 60 hrs, so I lowered the size of the base. I will post pictures of the finished product if all goes well.

This is amazing! I never dreamed someone would do this for a smaller city like Dallas. I live in OKC, 2-3hrs away so this is incredible. Thanks for the hard work!

Hey thanks RoshDroz! It did take a lot of work an I'm proud of how it came out. I actually am just finishing up expanding the model to include a few more iconic buildings in downtown Dallas. I will be posting it on my website 3DPrintedSkylines.com soon!

how much grams is it or at least in the picture

The model in the picture is about 100 grams @ 20% infill. I've started printing the model at 95% scale and 36% infill and it comes out to about 120 grams. I like the thicker infill % and added weight.

any chance i can get the design file? i am thinking about trying to hollow it out and add led lights in the buildings.

I use Fusion 360. Do you know if the program you use works with Fusion archive .f3d files?

i can use fusion 360. i am am trying to learn that program now. i usually use 123D but i guess that isn't getting support anymore.

ok great. shoot me an email at brandondwarman@gmail.com

very cool. i was looking for a model of the building i live in but looks like you are few streets short of that. i am in dallas power and light. i am going to print this anyway.

Im thinking of making these with a .2mm layer height. Do you think it'll turn out well?

The print pictured in this post was printed at .2mm layer height so yes!

Awesome. Thank you

Great model, it looks amazing! I printed one and am going to try painting it some time. I can't take a photo of it, so I'm just going to post my info here:

Monoprice Maker Select(i3 clone)

30% infill(could probably go down to ~25%)

Hatchbox White ABS, 1.75mm

235°C Nozzle, 110°C Bed

Pretty wide brim

I got some edge curling on the corners, although that's just my printer. I need to get some hairspray for higher bed adhesion and install a glass bed.


I'm using PLA and hairspray on the bed and getting really nice prints.

Inland White PLA, 1.75mm
nozzle @ 210°C bed @ 75°C
20% infill is working fine for me
*increase extrusion multiplier to 1.05 and top layers to 5 to get rid of small spacing gaps between layers on top of the roads and buildings

I plan to add reunion tower on some sort of small island as part of the print. A lot of people have been requesting this and I agree, the ball is an iconic part of the Dallas skyline.

Looking forward to Reunion tower!

I was actually printing this during the big storm a couple of nights ago and we got a short brownout. Thankfully, the printer and Octoprint kept chugging along, although there was a small(<1mm) layer skip in the base as a result.

How did you make this? Great job by the way! I was interested in doing the exact same thing but just a different portion of the city. Thoughts?

First I decided how large I wanted the whole print to be and then I calculated the scale by looking at google maps to estimate the size of the area I was looking at. The scale I came up with was 1:6000, or 1mm = 20ft. Then I built every building individually and imported them into the master file as components. You can find the height of most buildings by searching them online. I used that number to calculate the remaining dimensions of the building. I took a screenshot of the aerial view of downtown and overlaid it onto my base for the city in the model to correctly place the buildings.

You can also find 3D files of many individual buildings in Dallas in Sketchup's 3D warehouse. These are all crowdsourced models and are the old files for each building that used to be in the actual Google earth! Now Google has moved on to a much more sophisticated imagery technique that no longer requires each building to be individually modeled and the warehouse of 3D files is here:

The problem I found using the files already made was that each building was modeled a little differently depending on the technique of the designer who made it. Some buildings had trees included in the 3D model and others did not. At my scale, trees would turn out to be ugly tiny blobs at the base of the building so I would need to remove them. It was easier for me to create each building on my own and according to my own design constraints and methods.