Cheshire Cat

by reddadsteve Apr 27, 2016
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ciao ho visto i lavori che fai complimenti e bellissimi
volevo chiedere se riesci a fare anche la regina di cuori di alice nel paese delle meraviglie anche a pagamento

Thank you for the kind words.
I was thinking of the queen of hearts but then settled on starting Snow White. I may get back to the queen of hearts at some point.
I'll send you a PM

google translate:
"Grazie per le gentili parole.
Stavo pensando alla regina dei cuori, ma poi ho deciso di iniziare Biancaneve. Potrei tornare dalla regina dei cuori ad un certo punto.
Ti mando un PM"


Excellent Job.
1 down, 4 to go.
Love ya work.

Do you have any MMU models in mind?

Don't forget to post your makes. Seeing makes gives me the incentive to make more models.

I just upgraded my MK3 with the MMU2S unit. Once I can find some spare time and am more comfortable with the machine, I'll be converting some of my models to MMU. The Cheshire Cat will be the first.


If you remember, I did a MMU remix on this model a few months ago.

See here:

Again: thank you so much for your awesome work!

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Funny thing, I wasw looking at your make just the other day. I now have my MMU and am redoing some of the files. I'm going to print it in two parts, head and body.

Here is my first test of the head, which is about an inch tall:

Let me know what you think of it so far.


Make will come once the family is complete :-)

I get my mmu2s this week :-)
Obviously the models won't be as big with mum, but it would be so cool to watch them get made.

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I really want to print this at once on a color printer. Any way you could add the blender file to the upload? Or properly aligned STLs with identical pivot points (or an AMF file)?

You are in luck. As part of the Prusa MMU Beta a few years back I set up the parts to print in multi-color. I'll send you a PM later today with the info.

Just for my info, which multi-color printer will you be using (reply by PM).


Hi first of all great model and is this the correct scale for the other alice in wonderland characters, planning on printing a diorama for my daughter

Thank you!
For sizing/scale, take a look at the group picture I posted along with the Alice model. That picture has the full set.

FYI, I did the Cheshire Cat when I first started modeling and my wife asked me to make it as big as my printer would allow. The rest of the series was done much later and I had a better sense of proportion at the time, however, the full sized cat fits very nicely in the group.

If you have the time, Plese be sure to post each model individually and the a group picture when finished. All my work is free and seeing makes gives me the incentive to keep modeling.


They are great designs, especially love that you print every tiny piece separately to get the correct colours (will be painting so no danger of accidently slipping on another part of the model). Will be printing in petg so then i can put them out in the garden :) and will be using the same colour scheme as what you used.

Print in progress. The pinks (Hatchbox Pink PLA) are done. The eyes are done (Hatchbox Yellow PLA). The teeth are printing (Hatchbox White PLA). Purple and black are sliced. I'm waiting a new spool of purple (today, Amazon Basics Purple PLA) as my current purple spool (eSUN Purple PLA) doesn't have nearly enough. I'm excited to try the Amazon PLA later today.

Great to hear the progress and I look forward to the finished result.

I started using Amazon Green and Red PLA and they are both very good filaments. i'd like to get your feedback on the other colors as you use them.


Hatchbox and eSUN have always been solid PLA for me - I've never had issues that I recall. So far I'm really liking the Amazon PLA. A few dollars cheaper than Hatchbox (both are generally next-day shipping to me in Austin - which is really nice).

This is insane. I came here b/c of a reddit post. This is off the hook. What an amazing design. This is going to be my first major build, what a great looking model - major kudos. When I do make one (hopefully! just need the time) I will post my make on your page.

Quick question - no reason this wouldn't work with PLA right? I don't have any ABS

edit: LOL I just looked at your page and saw that YOU were the one who designed the Winnie the Pooh model I made my GF for her birthday. It came out great and she loves it! (i modded it a bit and took the honey pot out and put a panda/piglet in its place coz that's our thing)

edit 2: actually, it might have been a different model i used haha. but yours is better ;) can't wait to build some of your other stuff, your collection looks amazing. also just realized that your Kermit is the one I have saved and had been planning since before i got my Prusa to print for my mom to put in her birdbath. dude you are a machine

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate that.

I originally printed in ABS, since that's how I started printing. There is no issue with printing in PLA. As a matter of fact i now print in ABS and PLA for the same model, just depending on what color I need.

Be aware, the cat needs a lot of filament. I made him hollow to try and save print time and filament. At the time, my wife wanted the cat as big as my FlashForge could print, therefore the larger size.

As for Winnie, my models do not need to be painted, or if you do paint, the pieces are separate to make painting easier.

Personally, I'd suggest you start with Kermit. He is reasonably quick and is an all around favorite. I just got my Prusa for Xmas and it's a great machine, enjoy.


Amazing work! Well done

Thank you!

If you do make any of my models be sure to post your makes. Seeing makes gives me the incentive to keep modeling.


Could someone suggest the filament colour and brand used so it looks the same as picture ?

When I started designing and 3D printing a few years ago the filament colors varied widely from batch to batch, even from the same company. That is why I did not originally list my filament colors. I have just started to list filaments on my newer models now that the industry is more stable.

The colors I used for this model may have changed, but since you asked (keep in mind that ABS colors may be different than PLA):
Pink ABS 1.75mm from Esun
Purple ABS 1.75mm from Gizmo Dorks
Yellow ABS 1.75mm was from a multi colored spool from Octave
Glow-in-the-dark HIPS from Gizmo Dorks
Black is black....


•"̮•·τнänκs·•"̮• a lot steve. It helps me easier to find the closest colour. I admire your works, they are GREAT. I hope you could also put some details on which filament you are using :D...

Details of my filaments? Well to tell the truth, when I do a model and I need a color I ask my wife to go onto Amazon and find the appropriate color (her choice). For this type of 3D printing I have not found much difference from filament company to filament company. I do like Esun but whatever she chooses I print with. I use mostly ABS but if I need a color and she cannot find in ABS I then use PLA. She also bought a few sample packs that would typically be used for 3D printing pens. Those smaller samples help with an even more variety of colors. I also try to find smaller rolls since I do not need bulk. I bought a bunch of $5 200gm rolls from
but they currently have very little stock

The only color that I really have a hard time with is 'fllesh' color. Flesh is so subjective and I've got a number of rolls of filament that I thought would look good, but once printed I didn't like the color.

Sorry that i could not be more specific. Also, be careful when ordering from the same company. Dye lot's change and there is very little comfort zone in getting the exact same color from the same company. This looks to be changing but slowly.


Thanks. Ordering the sample filaments is good idea.

Comments deleted.

The best fitting, most fun models i've ever printed!

Thank you for the kind words.

Be sure to post your makes, the more makes I see the more incentive I have to keep modeling.

FYI-I have a personal technique for creating the way parts fit. For the most part, my models can be sized up or down and still have perfect fittings.


Awesome job in design - thanks again for this tremendous work! I’m sure Lewis would have approved.....

You are too kind!

Teamwork between modelers and makers,

Thank you for the model. I plan to print this, this week.

I appreciate you letting me know. If you have any issues or specific questions, please do not hesitate to send me a PM.


Love your models. You, sir, are a true artist. Particularly like the Dilbert set.
Would it be possible for you to do an "Alice" to go with the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat?
Keep up the good, no correct that, great, work.

I appreciate the kind words, thank you.

I listen carefully to makers suggestions and keep a log for future models, Alice and the White Rabbit are on the list.

I am currently going back to series that I've started and am now filling in other characters, So Alice and the white rabbit are near the top of the list..

Don't forget to post your makes, seeing makes posted gives me the incentive to continue modeling. I'm 'old and slow' so each model has been taking me 4-6 week to complete.


Arml7 did not download right, I hope. Could you check it

I just downloaded the full zip and arml_7 downloaded correctly (I put it into my slicer to be sure). It is actually the hand part of the arm which interlocks with the other hand so it looks a bit strange.

PM me if you still have concerns and we can compare notes.


Oh ok, that probably the reason, lol. Thanks

Under your license it would be ok for me to make changes as long as I credit your work and link it back to here, correct? I would like to make this with glowing eye and mouth when the light goes out. Let me know if this is ok with you. Cheer JRo

Absolutely fine to make changes and link it back here. The only requirement is to not sell the models.

As a matter of fact, I look forward to additions/improvement to my models. After all, teamwork is my motto!

Have you seen the Cheshire Cat picture with the glow in the dark filament? Personally I could not get a good picture of it but this maker captured it perfectly:


Cheshire Cat

This guy takes all your hard work and recast them in resin to sell on ETSy and ebay
under the names,Ebay,tip_top_workshop and
ETSY,TipTopWorkshop https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TipTopWorkshop?ref=l2-shopheader-name

selling loads on both Ebay and Etsy making fools of you guys get his listing kicked off.

Thank you for the heads up. I just recently requested someone to remove my Kermit from etsy, which he did immediately, and I'll follow-up on this one as well.

Support from the makers, like yourself, is extremely valuable. My work is free and will always be free and should never be sold.


Awesome model all printed at ,2 with no issues also used glow in the dark for the teeth

Your make looks great. I'll leave a comment over there.


Is the top of Body 6 supposed to be so bumpy/ridged? It doesn't look that way in the model view but when we render it in Cura or S3D...and print it...we don't get a smooth top. Will that be problematic?

I just reviewed the part in S3D with layer height of .2mm and understand your apprehension.

This is simply due to the angle of the top layer and the result would be .2mm 'steps' (or layer height) to compensate. I did not need to sand it down, so it was not an issue for me or the other makers that posted the model.

What layer height are you looking to print with?

Also remember that this is an 'inside' layer that is not visible after assembly.


We've been printing at 0.2

You should be fine then.

I'm looking forward to your make upon completion.

Sorry if I missed this...what adhesive do you recommend to assemble these parts?


Personally, I use a craft glue called E6000. It gets tacky fairly quickly but does not firm up until 10-20 minutes. Fully dried next day. This allows the parts to stick together with plenty of time to re-position them if needed. There are a lot of different options, mostly depending on personal preferences. Some people like their glue to dry immediately, like superglue.

I print with both ABS and PLA and the E6000 works best for me.

Be sure to post your makes, seeing makes gives me the incentive to create more models.

Don't hesitate to PM me if you need any more info.


You should add a night picture to show the g.i.t.d. teeth.

If I could only take a decent picture, I would. Everyone else seems to be able to take a nice snapshot and yet I struggle to just get a regular picture, forget about a dark scene!

FYI, the cat is on a shelf in the bedroom and he does glow every night!


Just thanks a lot !!!! fabulous designs, mine is printed ! great result ! Very very well concepted ! Very smart job ! I hope there'll be another characters, but i imagine it's a lot of work to design them.

Thank you for your kind comments and posting your make. Take a look at my profile, I've already posted a number of other models.

I appreciate seeing makes, it gives me the incentive to keep modeling.


Just discovered your character designs - genius!

Going to print me some of these!

Thanks for designing and sharing!

Thank you. If you have any issues or questions send me a PM.

Don't forget to post your makes when complete.


Excellent! One Question, Body part 6 as example: print flat on bed on side, or stand upright?
Instructions say no support... So I'm just worried how the orientation will affect the print with no support?

All parts are designed to be printed in the orientation that the files are created. So the body parts all print flat side down. The angles of the 'bumps and dents' are designed to print smoothly and then a small bridge will complete the top.

I adhere to a standard where no part will have more than a 60 degree angle, which most printers can handle without issue.

Don't hesitate to PM me if you need more details or if you run into any problems.


Would it be possible for you to upload 4 x STL files for (in this case) Pink, Purple, White (the eyes white as well), Black?
Then it would be a fun test model, to print while beta-testing the Prusa i3 MK2 4-material upgrade.

I'll send you a PM to be sure I fully understand your needs.


Oh wow wow wow! I love this! Excellent work! Just ordered some purple filament :D

Glad you like it, don't forget to post your make once you finish.

The only problem is finding other models to use the different color filaments with. You may want to check out my Dino model since you are going to have plenty of purple left over!

Yep will do! Can you please make Garfield? I love cats lol!!

I keep putting Garfield on my list and then taking him off! He has some shading on his arms and back and I'm not sure how he would look without that black shading. I like to ensure my models do not need painting. However, I'll put him back on the list again.

Yeah, all those black lines. You can do it!! Haha

Have you considered using magnets instead of glue to hold the pieces together? This way you can turn this model into a very nice 3D puzzle!
Myself, I like the 1/4" diameter, .06" thickness neodymium magnets (6.35 mm dia. x 1.5 mm thick) from The Magnet Source.
I'm going to try subtracting discs from the pieces at the appropriate places. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Interesting, very interesting! There are so many options when creating 3D designs for printing. I started out thinking that I'd like to designs incorporated with led's or motors. I did a few ball bearing roller-coasters, but for now I'm sticking to my comic/cartoon characters to hone my Blender skills.

Be sure to let me know how you make out with the magnets. If you have any suggestions for another design I'd be interested.

I made one and drilled holes for the magnets. Look at the second picture.
It would be great if the model already had holes for the magnets, so I don't have to drill them.
Common magnets sizes are: 1/4 inch diameter X 1/16 inch thick, or 6 mm X 1 mm.

Cheshire Cat
by asemeco

Wish it was available in correctly oriented files as well so you could load it for multicolor printers.
Now everything is plated so loading them as multicolored model just makes a jumble...

When you say a multi-colored printer, are you referring to an FDM printer with two extruders or are you referring to a professional printer? If you are truly interested in the original files, send me a PM and I'll see what I can do. I purposely design and orient all pieces of my models flat side down when I post since the majority of people want to simply print out the pieces. I also design my models to avoid supports.

I've designed a hotend for deltas that allow color switching (and to some extent blending).
The goal is to allow anyone to use this on their printer for a wide color choice.
It seems quite easy to generate at least cyan, magenta, yellow, green, blue, red and a murky sort of brown...
I am working on the color changeover and blending though.

If everything works out as planned I will also make a 4 and 5 version for CMYK and WCMYK.
It should be possible to fabricate the design and sell it for less than $70, hopefully much less.

It looks like a lot of work to print and assemble but wow! Just WOW! Love it. Should I ever find myself with a lot of spare pink and purple filament...

If you look at my Thing Details, that's exactly why I chose this design. Plenty of extra filament left over from my Dino Flintstone model.

Hey I'm just wondering about how much would this cost to make?

Interesting question. Are you referring to the filament costs if you build it yourself, or the cost if you send it out to a printing company to make? I have never used a printing company so I couldn't give any guidance there.

As with any home based 3D printing project, if you have the colors you want already on hand, then I guess to say that all the filament used for the full project is less than a quarter of a spool (1/4kg). Figuring $25USD per spool, that would be $6.25. In my case I needed to buy one of the colors and had the other ones already on hand.

Hope that helps a bit.

1/4kg ?!? for me this seems a bit too little.
Sure it also depends on the printer settings (infill, bottom/top thickness, ...) and the specific weight of the used filament.
Just put my cat on a scales an read 780g ...

Silly me, I never thought to weigh it! I eyeballed my filament roll and my impression was what I stated. I must be bad at eyeballing.

That said, I use ABS and your's is in PLA, should not make that much difference there. I printed with one shell and 10% infill, three top/bottom layers so we should be similar there as well.

Lesson learned for me, don't guess!

got all of the purple printed(wow lots of hours lol) starting on the first bed of pink shortly!

Looks like you have the right colors. Be sure to read my notes to get the best prints, especially the whiskers.

will it work to do all the black pieces in petg? I ran out of black abs lol.

I see no reason that the black petg wouldn't work. The black pieces are small enough that you could do trial and error if they come out a bit too big.

I didn't know that petg came in black!

it comes in lots of colors. I have black and a translucent yellow petg. And by the looks of it I'm going to have to play with the settings for size lol.

working on this at the moment in abs. I will post pics when i have it all done, this is a huge print!

Looking forward to your masterpiece!

oh f**** "he did it" ;-))
looks like a lot of work for my poor printer ...

But well worth it! I'm looking forward to your handiwork.

Hi, is it possible to get the model uncut ? I've got an diamond extruder and i will cut myself the Cheshire Cat.

I'm working on a version of just two pieces, the head and then everything else. I want to ensure the two pieces can be printed without supports. Will this work for you?

Can't wait myself

I posted the two piece version as a remix, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1527966.

Hope it works out for you.

Cheshire Cat 2-piece

Great ! It's perfect !

Check out the remix and let me know if you need any changes. Remember that your build size will most likely be limited due to the height of the tail and body combined as one piece.

Perfect, I make a remix in the week-end !