Eve Online - Strategic Cruiser Collection

by fattox4189 Sep 17, 2013
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Does anyone have any pointers for how to slice this? I see a successful print but can't for the life of me see how to cut it up the eliminate the majority of the overhangs.

I'm sorry to say, but that will NEVER print.

You're wrong.

I just printed one and it's beautiful, will be posting pictures soon <3

Actually, if you know how to slice things for printing and utilise orientations in software like Makerware, it's quite easy to get things to print. Netfabb to slice them into nice sized pieces to remove the need for support, Makerware to align them all the most logical way. Or you could print it on an SLS machine or DLP and get a much cleaner result. Just see my profile, look for the Stratios cruiser, and have a look at some of the makes on that. One is on FDM and one on DLP and they are both very well made. I work as an engineer and CNC operator and can tell you right now there's more than one way to build a model using CNC and 3D printing and manufacturing

Well, I was mostly referring to the ultra thin antennas on one of the ships. Otherwise it might do alright, however with makerbot's support material it will shatter when trying to remove it.

Certainly a Z-Corp machine could do it no problem, but then try putting binder on those antennas. lol

Oh yeah, for sure. I think Makerware must have some sort of a minimum size thing. I know these models were the last ones I did, usually I go through the models and clean off little antennae in blender. I'm currently doing all the new ships as well as industrials (apparently some people want them!), where I clean off the antennae to make printing easier.

Apparently these won't print with some machines, specifically whatever Materialise use because they had wall thickness errors