Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Vertical X axis for Reprap Mendel

by Buback Dec 30, 2011
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Nice work, if its even half as good as your OpenX carriage(which has dramatically improved my print quality) I'm using now, I'm positive it will be awesome. :) http://imgur.com/yljbkg1http://imgur.com/yljbkg1

Very elegant indeed!

The only thing I see missing is a way to secure the parts to the x-axis smooth rod, so some nut traps or clamps might be an idea?

yeah i was thinking screws and trapped nuts on the orange pieces but didn't get around to modeling it in. Those trapped nuts can be a PITA to design right. the motor pieces probably need it too, at least on one of the arms (but adding it to one of the arms will print it on both, since it's the same file. not that that's a problem).

Another idea is just small holes that you tap, and forget the trapped nuts. much easier to print, and the screws don't have to be that tight to keep the rods from sliding.

Interesting. It may not be great in terms of economy of parts, but the modularity is surprisingly elegant.

Plus, the motor can slide to tighten the x axis belt, so you don't need a tensioner on the carriage.