HTC Vive HMD wall mount

by SG-O Apr 27, 2016
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Hi, what is the purpose of the ridge on the edge of the mount?

This enabled the proximity sensor and leaves the Vive on, preventing it from going to sleep
Why would I want this?

Also your current model will 100% scratch the lenses if printed at 1.0 scale and uses ridiculous amounts of material.

Thinking about it :) remix incoming.

EDIT: Remix here 50% less material used, just as strong and can be printed at 25% infill and still support the weight. Added options as well for better mounting.


HTC Vive Wallmount (IMPROVED)
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Great looking design! This would be perfect if it could be adapted to clip to the edge of a desk. If you made another piece that screwed into the back of this but was a desk clip (parametric for different desk thickness) that would be awesome. Sort of like this headphone desk hook: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:665958

Headphone Desk Hook
by moshen

You'll get this shortly.

I'll remix this in a few minutes and get you something like this with my own remix of this mount.
Stay tuned. http://www.thingiverse.com/LotusNoir/about


:) enjoy. Universal desk clamp setup done.

HTC Vive Desk mount (Universal)

Cool, looks great! Is the clamp actually printable in place?

your models both cause simplify3d to crash every time I slice. this is the only model that does this :c

Looks to use a ton of plastic and a lot of it isn't needed if you only need it as a wall mount? that whole bottom arch and bottom flat part aren't needed if you mount it to a wall, though yeah useful if you put it on top of a horizontal surface.

I am aware that the model uses a lot of material but the bottom flat part is required if you want to print it on a FFF machine without support material. If you own a machine that supports soluble support or if you are OK with using breakaway pillars PM me and I will upload a new model with a reduced material requirement.

I meant isn't the only part of the model that the vive actually touches that part that fits around the lenses and the nose part? I did a bit of a mockup by just cutting it in slic3r: http://i.imgur.com/5n7xKXA.png am I correct in thinking that includes all parts of the model that touches the vive? That would probably be too weak though so I'd add a separate vertically angled brace in the middle going from the front, under the nose and back to the wall. As a separate part I'll assemble using pegs/screws.

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Is it easy to scratch the lenses with this? Or does it guide it down so it can't.

The model was designed to protect the lenses as well as the foam. I can not guarantee that it will not harm your Vive, but if you are a little careful no harm should come to your HMD.

I'm an idiot... I didn't see the smaller version until just now, and chopped a bit off the top of the taller one using mesmixer. This is a 22+hour print for me and I'm about 18 hours into it :D I'll deal with the flat top!

Thanks for designing! I'll upload a Made image soon.

This looks great! Any chance you could post a version with a slightly shorter back plate (or post the design files)? This is just a little bit too tall for my Replicator (which is limited to 150mm height, so it's just 7mm too tall).

I modified the model and released a smaller version that should fit your build volume.

If you still want to modify the design, use the .stp file that works with most CAD programs. If your CAD program doesn't support STEP files, feel free to PM me.

Awesome, thanks! I'll post a picture after I've printed it.

awesome design. I can only assume that your first picture is a high res rendering of the part, if you have installed this on your wall, would you mind taking a couple more pics and maybe one of it supporting the HMD.

Also that triangle underneath could be a cool opportunity to sport the vive logo instead.

I am waiting on my May preorder but I will make sure to print one of these when i get the chance