Ford Truck Headlight Knob

by TravisE Sep 23, 2013
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I looked for this before designing my own...

Since the shaft was broken, my design is slightly different and replies on TPU


Ford F150 Headlight Knob (Dorman 76872)

So You modeled this for a F-150 2002. I was thinking of doing the exact same thing but for my Dad cause his just broke. So basically what is your hot ends diameter and you have 2 different stl files.

how long does it take on average

Added a metric unit version to try in Cura, or any program that does not easily convert scale settings.

Put the Model into Cura, and it shows up so small Cura doesn't even register a print time. Is this normal?

I installed Cura and it did the same to me, so it's most likely an issue with Cura, or my .stl export is an incompatible file for some reason.

It would not let me rescale, that could be the issue. The original model was done in inches, so it imports in tiny. I generally use Makerware which detects and alerts you to tiny models and offers you the option to convert to metric.

If I can remember, next week I'll convert a model to inches and upload a metric version and see if that fixes it.

HA! You beat me to it!

I have owned two Ford F150 Pick-up Trucks since 2004 (presently on my 3rd) and the headlight knobs on BOTH trucks developed cracks in the structure that holds the knob onto the shaft of the headlight switch. In both cases the knobs became loose and would fall off the shaft while driving down the road. They have even fallen off while I was getting in and out of the vehicle, and I once nearly left one behind in the parking lot of a HomeDepot!

I was half tempted to just gluethe knob to the shaft, but in my experience that sort of permanent solution will usually turn around and
bite me on the a$$ later on.

Thank you for rising to the challenge. I will be saving this one just in case I see the same problem in my 2013 F-150.