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by theininen Apr 27, 2016
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I got mine to work without any sanding, all you need to do is scale 3 of the pieces (one of the color) to 99.8%

I thought this thing would never work... but I printed it, and after sanding the sides a little for better movement and it works sooo well! Thanks!

Hey! I'm going to make a few of these, do you mind if I customize and sell these at school?


listen, I thought your fidget was useless until I saw this:


it's a gif of it in action and it's pretty awesome.

you have a link to this in your description but you should put a short youtube video of it in action, so people can see i live in the thingiverse window.. i'lll bet you'll get a lot more downloads.

I'm printing one right now because of this.

If you're having trouble getting the pieces together, or the thing barely moves when assembled, scale the Z axis (only) to 90% in your slicer before generating the gcode. This makes the whole thing thinner (but leaves the width and length alone), so the flat side fits in the jaws more loosely. Maybe your magic value will be 85% or 95%, but you get the idea.

Also, if you change filament color halfway through the print (most slicers support setting a pause point for filament change) and print two sets of three in a total of four different colors, you'll have a series of four color changes when rotating the pieces.

I'm using PrusaControl, but I think Cura and Slic3r support axis scaling and pause points.

It can be a little tricky to get the pieces together. I find if I warm them up first they flex a little more and that makes it easier.

I tried pausing the print halfway through and changing filaments for a two color effect. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:494555

Fidget Widget
by Garble

If yours don't fit together, try to decrease 1st layer width, that thing is sometimes set to more than 100% and these things come out a little thicker than they should, hence trouble in connecting them.

Also I printed with 2 different PLA and same settings, and better PLA ones are way easier fitting and rotating than the bad PLA that came with printer kit.

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I have printed 6 parts in PLA (20% infill) but it's very difficult to assemble them without a hammer ! Could you give us the source file to set a bigger margin ?

i tried to print this but the pieces would not snap together. I was just wondering if there is a way to make it more flexible? or some way to get it to fit together better?

Man such a simple yet very satisfying toy! I am on my 3rd set for today and even my wife is enjoying one. Nice work!

My students love this. I use it as an incentive in my classroom. 100% on a test and they can chose an item to 3D print.... and this is a popular item!

I’m wanting to print for students as well but mine are not assembling as easy and they rub together when I try to rotate them. Did you do anything different when printing them? I’m using an ultimaker 3 and pla. Thanks for your help!

Could someone remix this to have filleted edges all around? I am curious as to whether or not this would work. If it does, I feel like it would be more comfortable to hold. Thanks!

Never mind. I see that somebody has already done this. :)

It would be cool to have a plate of six or three pieces ready to download and print. That way people don't have to print six times if they can't hang around the printer all day, waiting to print the next piece.

I have created a remix with 3 pieces in one file. Enjoy!

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I love this design! It is so much for to play with. It's caught the eyes of some of my friends at school, do you mind if I sell a couple of these to them?

Hmm... I just got an idea! What if I tried making one with more than 6 links? Remix time!

Yeah, you could also make a larger triangle.

thats funny what Fair was it at you found it. I may have taught you if it was at the NYRF I worked for the Sphere Play booth.

It's called a Fiddlink and they're available here: https://www.momentum98.com/snoball.html. I've had one since the early 2000's...

I have printed two bits but they just wont go together!!! Does anyone have any tips??? I am using PLA but i do not know all the printer settings. If someone could help it would be great as i am only a beginner in 3D printing. Thx.

I realize you mentioned you dont have access to the files anymore. But if you ever do go back to the design why not make the hole through the whole piece, save tiny bit of filament and the supports issue.

I apologize to those who had wanted an assembled version of the widget, I was never able to make a version with adequate tolerances and have since lost access to the software and printers I had been working with. I will update if I can make a version that works, but otherwise I find that printing the six pieces in one shot works better and makes any filing or finishing easier afterwards. Good luck and enjoy!

I LOVE this fidget! I am an occupational therapy assistant in an elementary school, and I have already printed out about 6 if these to use with students. They are very well designed and super sturdy. Even my kids who can pull apart just about anything won't be able to break these!

My husband loved it so much that he wanted one, but bigger. So I printed it at 150%. He said it's perfect for him.

That's wonderful, that's exactly what I'd hoped that could be used for! I'd spoken with someone at my church who does similar work but hadn't been able to make one for her yet, I'm thrilled to hear that it works! I'd actually produced a version at about 300%, it's a bit big to use with one hand but it's still vastly entertaining. (I posted a picture here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BE_dvudqqAX/ ). I know some of my friends also use them to help relieve anxiety and fidget quietly during class, in case any of your kids were having similar issues. Glad to hear it's useful!

The current download only has 1 link, is there supposed to be an assembled link file also?


I can upload an assembled file as well if you'd like, all six links are identical so I usually print them separately and assemble them afterwards. I just didn't want to upload it yet because I haven't tried printing the entire object assembled yet and didn't want people to have issues trying to print an untested model.

If you want to share it with me or upload it, I will try printing it tonight and share the make once finished.

Sorry for the delay, I had some issues with access to modeling software after this conversation. I saw you already did a print, would you still be interested in the assembled file?

No problem, Sure, I'll test it and see how it prints assembled.

How did the assembled version print?