Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Electric longboard motor mount

by Jonni Apr 29, 2016
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Hi mate,
So I just bought the exact same board but the motor mount just wont fit correctly on the achse. Is this wanted?
It will maybe fit if i remove parts of it but im not sure if this is intended or not...
Edit: Could it be that those files are for the aluminum casting and not intended for direct use? If so, are there maybe somewhere the files which I could use for the direct usage?

As always when attaching 3D printable files to existing physical objects, some amount of scaling needs to be done to compensate for shrinkage that happens due to many reasons. The part is intended for aluminum casting as there are no FDM printable plastics that would be rigid enough for usage as motor plate material.

Hey, Jonni, Could you please design me a gear for this wheel but has 36T(But still have the same spacing)?

You can use this parametric model and my 3D-models to achieve that with very basic Blender skills:

Parametric pulley - lots of tooth profiles

The parts that are uploaded for the motor plate and clamping plate don't have any through holes for actually clamping them together like shown in the pictures. I would really like to print this since its the only one I can find that is clamping and slidable on the motor.

Have you also thought about making the clamping part round instead of the "x" groves for other people?

Note that there is no way a printed plastic part of this shape can handle the torque of the motors. The parts do not have the holes because the holes are drilled and threaded only after making the cast aluminum parts using lost PLA casting technique.

What is the length of the belt?
Thank you

Sorry, but I don't remember the belt lenght I used. I calculated the belt length using this calculator:
And ordered the belts from Ebay.

Quel est la longueur de la courroie ?

Don't speak any French, sorry. Something about the belt? You can calculate that stuff using this: http://www.bbman.com/belt-length-calculator/


Which kind of timing belt did you use with your pulley ?

thank you

The latest version uses two 9mm wide HTD 5 belts

The Wheels are not in Stock. Is there an alternative Shop. Which Belt do i need? Where to get?

did you buy the metal mount anywhere or did you build that?

What belt do you use?

The metal mount was created using lost PLA casting

What length and size of bolts and nuts did you use for mounting the wheel pulley?

The bolts size is M6

in the process of doing this now! how did you find the 3d printed fly wheels held up to the wear and tear? I see a lot of people use a metal fly wheel for the smaller gearing.

I don't think a printed PLA or ABS small belt pulley is durable enough for real usage. I used an aluminum timing belt pulley in the first working prototype.

Hello can you speek German?

Sorry, I don't speak any German.

how's fixed the gear on the wheel ?
which material ?

thank you

The original published version of this thing didn't have real attachable gears, but I recently updated the files with real attachable gear.