MOKO Mini Pulley

by Moko Sep 19, 2013
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I'm having trouble getting the pieces to fit. the axle of the wheel is too tight. any advice?

Such a great idea!! Really cool!!!

Awesome concept and design!!!!

Scaled them up a bit and use them for opening my Ikea lack cabin door - see on youtube https://youtu.be/bo-2DaEKsGI. Necessary - no - but cool.... :-) Thanks a lot buddy!

What is the diference of the two mini pulley?

man you should sell these, theyre amazing

That is ingenious and amazing
how did you come up with that ?
ill try it :D

Also nice for Geocaching :D
Very Cool !!

Looks awesome I have to print it.So many uses

First off, what a design, just awesome! I made one in PLA and ABS and everything seems to be a bit big, requiring a lot of post processing. Any hints to a better fitting print, to cut down on sanding? It was at the recommended .2 layer height. Thanks for sharing!

What's the difference between the OPEN and CLOSED versions? They look like the same thing...

From what I can tell, the open version allows quick removal from the mounting screw. You can slide the head in and out. The closed seems to be a fixed mount. You would have to unscrew it from the wall (if you mounted it) to get it down.

Hi. The pulley halves worked really well. But I got an error trying to slice the pulley wheel in Slic3r to get the gcode: "Modification of non-creatable array value attempted" on line 891. Any advice?

I just wanted to let you know that I printed a couple of your MOKO's. Even had to change out my PLA half way through because one spool ran out. So now I have 2 little really cool looking pulleys. Very well made and designed. Quite fun to play with and to study leverage. I intend to make quite a few of these little tools:) Thank you for posting the designs.

small, compact, fun to play with, this is a genius idea!

I print these on my CUBE and give them to to others at the Senior Housing where I live. They are lots of fun to play with and generate a lot of comments and interest.

Doing the 4-line block & tackle now

Keep up the good work!

That is one of the coolest things I have seen that is also practical! Nice job.

Simply Brilliant! This is a seriously clever design. It printed perfectly on my fickle printer.

I'm thinking this could double as a wheel assembly for a toy car. The pivot could rest on a spring for shocks.

Well thought out design as usual Moko. Great work.

I get a not-manifold error when I open it in slic3r

Cool. What size screw does it fit? Also any idea on what it's breaking strength is?

As per the instruction page: ' countersunk/bugle screw/nails up to 8.2mm (.32") head diameter, load tested to 5kg' :)


I'm printing in ABS. I'm finding the fit of the axel and wheel to be too tight. Any chance you can add a part with looser tolerances?

Ratchet&pawl? cranked/motor driven? This could be a nice little kit for schools ....

Cool. What about a block & tackle?

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Very nice design I must say!

Cheers mate!