IGUS RJMP-01-08 Bearing Block

by Lay3rWorks May 1, 2016
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does this have enough compression strength to squash drylin bearings to the right size? they are designed to be press fit into housings, but their metal housings are like 30$ each


Thanks for designing this. It works perfectly for the y-axis on my Anet A8. However, it does not fit the extruder carriage on the x-axis. The metal bearing blocks that came with the printer are only 30 mm in length, whereas in your design the length is 34 mm.

I tried opening the Fusion 360 that you have kindly provided, but as I am a noob, i am really finding it difficult to edit your file to make the block 30 mm in length. What I envision is I need to chop off 2 mm from each end of the block, the rest of the design remaining the same. That way i can make it 30 mm while retaining the mounting holes as they are.

Can you please provide me some pointer on how i can achieve this in Fusion 360.

One more thing. I need to really sand for quite a bit the inside of the cylinder to make the RJMP-01-08 fit inside. Is there any way i can make it fit better without sanding much.


My IGUS RJMP-01-08 that i have are very soft fit into the block, i can tap the block on the bench and it comes out. These bearings i thought need to be a tight fit into the block so in turn they put pressure on the 8mm rod, these blocks do not achieve this result for me at leased. Can you please post the diameters in the details of this part.

The IGNUS bearings i purchased were the most cheapest IGUS RJMP-01-08 i could find on ebay i payed about $1.50 AUD each (so they might not be the same standard as the higher priced ones. Although the quality of the IGNUS bearings i have i feel look very good they mesure 15.65mm OD. I will try a 15.2mm bearing block next with some sanding on the block to pressure fit them more tightly so there is no play on the 8mm rod.

m4 nuts don't seem to fit

Perhaps if you dial back the printing flow rate a bit, they would fit better. I have printed over a dozen of these and do use M4 nuts.

there are 2 fusion files with the same name... are there any difference?

Is there a difference between the SCS8uu and the SC8uu in regards to the mounting holes?

I dont believe so. The mounting pattern seems to be 24x18mm for either.

I LOVE YOU !!! Finally what i needed. Thank you very much

Hi. Can you make M6 screw version?

I found that these were not exactly the same size as the stock bearing blocks so I was able to modify them to where they are now exact. I don't yet know how to upload them but I will figure it out soon ;) Thank you!

you can use http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2103292 instead of purchasing the clip to hold bearing in place :D

bearing clip for IGUS RJMP-01-08 Bearing Block

Love it. i will include the link in the description. Kicking myself for not thinking of that from the start, but I had the right size clips readily available on hand.

hahaha .. I was looking trough a drawer to find right size clip and when I figured out I have none decided to print them :D

I had some wild experience with these bearings btw, I changed them a bit (reduced hole to 16.0 since my printer is pretty accurate and I want these igus things to be pressured properly, and added room for a washer on top of the block) and since I have long bolts I used the nuts on top of the block and not the trapped ones .... when you do it like that and use plastic bearings (igus) tightening the bolts deforms the block and pressure to the plastic bearings deforms them .. so for plastic bearings one has to use the trap nuts :D

Thanks a lot.
I'm gonna replace my bearings with the RJ4JP and I've thought I'd design this part, to replace the bearings on my heated bed. Much appreciated also the fusion export file, probably I'll need to reduce the internal diameter as the RJ4JP are 15mm not 16mm... :P
Also, I don't have the internal snap ring at the moment, so probably I'll modify the part to lock the bearing with the zip ties as it's done in the X carriage. If i'll modify the part and it's working fine, I'll upload the file as a remix.
Great work.

thank you, spend a lot of Money for the IGUS RJMP-01-08 that does not fit with the normal blocks ^^

Thank you for sharing the f3d file, it's much appreciated!