Water Jet Drive

by benny90 Sep 20, 2013
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Hi Benny
do you have a drawing for a jet drive compressor propeller
60mm did with an 8mm bore

Thanks Nick

Have you completed this project?

hello ,

can you please post some links on what kind of impeller and shaft and motor have you used?

Today print this. Only need the turbine.
Thanks, great job.

Someone needs to put this on a kayak

You sir, are a freakin' genius... Give me a year - I have a load of projects to make way for first!

a years up, lets see the results :D

he move to pay me first site ...he stop to love gpl

how did you seal your impeller shaft ?

Keep it up, people always say "Well, what can you print with the 3d printer that isn't weak, useless clutter" I would like to add 'sweet jet boat engine' to the short reply sometime before "and anything else you can think of".

can you tell me how to make the main body as every time i try to print it the where there 6 holes are always messes up i think it needs support to print it but i dont know how to do that maybe you can help with it thanks

Regardless of the orientation the main body needs support due to the internals. I printed mine with the 6 hole flange facing down with full supports at a layer height of 0.25mm. The reason for this is im printing with ABS and i was thinking about the warping issues i have been experiencing. Hot end temp - 230C, bed -70C. With PLA i used 200C for the hot end and no heating on the bed with full supports.

Thanks for making this! I really needed it!

Just keep in mind i am still working on this, im currently correcting the swirling problem by introducing a veined diffuser

anything new on this?