Chaos Warrior VS Bretonnian Knight

by filipturz May 3, 2016
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Definitely some of the highest quality figurine sculpts available for free. GW couldn't have done them better. And a true test for the detail accuracy of any printer!

Fantastic models, thank you so much for your hard work!

Would it be possible to get the Breton without a base?

I would love to be able to talk with you more about help with sculpting custom figures like these.
I wonder if you are able to email me to discuss further?
[email protected]
I look forward to hopefully hearing from you.

Muchas gracias.
Por fin hemos podido imprimirlo, hecho al 85 % de tamaño porque mi hijo, aficionado a los juegos de "figuritas" insistía que era más grande de la cuenta. Intentamos con meshmixer hacerle menos puentes que los que pone el Slic3r pero se caían y se cargaba la figura. Al final lo hemos realizado en ABS, tratado con Slic3r y puentes. Al quitar los puentes me he cargado los cuernos, los brazos y las piernas pero con pasta de ABS (restos de ABS y acetona pura) lo he recompuesto. Espero que mi hijo lo pinte al igual que pinta las figuritas de los juegos.

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Thank you
At last we were able to print it, done at 85% in size because my son, a fan of "figurines" games, insisted that it was bigger than the bill. We tried with meshmixer to make less bridges than the ones that the Slic3r put but they fell and the figure was loaded. In the end we have done it in ABS, treated with Slic3r and bridges. When removing the bridges I have loaded the horns, arms and legs but with ABS paste (remains of ABS and pure acetone) I have recomposed. I hope my son paints it as he paints the game figurines.

Your work is brilliant.... I cannot wait to get this printed. Thank you for your hard work!

This is absolutely brilliant. I cannot wait to print this.

Brilliant work, GW would do well to hire you!

Glad you like the designs! There are a few more that I'd like to post but there is simply no time! An armoured Bloodletter type demon with a spear - why not. :) There's also a version of the knight on a lightly armoured horse, armed with a lance in a charging stance (That one is actually a pun to a funny moment in the RPG campaign.)

As for the infringement - thank you for letting me know. Drop me a PM with your email - I'll send you one of the unpublished models as thanks for you to print and enjoy. :)

These are by far the nicest Warhammer sculptures I've seen outside of the real deal from Citadel. Excellent job, and please keep them coming.

I printed them on Form 1+ printer and posted the results. Check them out.