Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber

by CaseStudyno8 May 4, 2016
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can you do anakin's first lightsaber?

Yes! I intend to.

at least it wont be hard it look like darth vader's but the emitter shroud is silver instead of black

I cant seem to get these files on my SD card, Im not sure if its me, I do see other people printing them, but I don't know where the issue lies.

Which slicer are you using?

Replicator G With the Old Monoprice Dual Extrusion Printer

Is that your printer or the program you're using to prepare the STL's to print?

I was able to get some of the pieces on the sd card, but not all of them. So with that in mind I do not know where to source of error is

when I printed the parts they holes and pegs came out too small for each other an It took me forever for me to make them fit

They are a bit tight, I've gotten that comment from others and I will modify the 3d file

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Thank you!
Just finished mine, and love the design!

Keep up the awesome work!

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I really love this model and I am currently printing one. Since this is such an iconic lightsaber in the movies (including being the first lightsaber ever to make it to screen), I thought I would dig into the history of it a bit. It was a bit of a rabbit hole adventure.

SPOILER ALERT: if you haven't seen episodes 2 through 7, stop reading here.

So we first saw this saber when Obi-Wan gives it to Luke in Episode 4. that prop was different from the prop used in Episode 5 and Episodes 2 and 3. There were 3 total versions, of which this model is based on the version in Episodes 2 and 3. The gold fittings and knurled midsection got replaced sometime while in Obi-Wan's possession. After Luke got it, he further changed the power regulator and added screws to the pommel inserts, which until Episode 5 did not have screws.This was the form that it was when Luke lost it and Rey received it.

So to be "screen accurate," the model could use a few tweeks. 1) The pummel inserts shouldn't have screws on them for this version of the saber (as it was when Anakin possesed it). 2) When it does have screws they are torx head screws. 3) There is a rounded boss on the shroud where the knurled button goes. All of these are of course very minor things that I'm only mentioning for those interested in making a obnoxiously accurate replica. I plan on uploading a tweaked version of the pummel and the pummel inserts as a remix soon.

Again, I really love this model and it inspired me to try and make a very nice print of it.

Thanks! Like I said in the description, I made this saber to be a mash up of all of different variations on the props, its kind of my ideal version of the saber that existed in my mind.

I’d love to see your modified version when you complete it, you could upload it as a remix so others could enjoy it too!

What orientation/supports do you recommend using for the emitter shroud?

Upright, it should import into your slicer as that orientation

This saber is really nice! Printed two so far.
Somehow the upper button, the "bunny ears" and the details on the on/off button are really difficult to get right.
I slowed my printer to 50% speed to print those parts, and slowing it down seems to do the trick.

I painted my first one with a chrome effect spray can. Even though I was very careful with the thickness of my layers the effect is not great; a nice silver would do it more justice all through less screen accurate.

Thank you! Post then up as 'makes' I'd love to see them

Love the saber! Almost done printing and painting now, but pommel inserts also do not fit for me and broke when trying to put them on a painted hilt. (printing upright works perfectly fine btw, had more trouble with the buttons and their connection breaking off together with the supports :p )
Can you maybe post the working files so i can make the hole a tiny bit bigger? (or provide me with one thats just o so slightly bigger ;P
Will provide pictures when fully done :) Thanks!

I printed my inserts horizontally. Takes some doing to cut al the supports of, but the inserts fit better, are less brittle and look nicer, to my taste anyway. They turn out a little shorter though, when printed on my Wanhao i3.
I printed all six of them in one go which certainly wasn't possible vertically because one would always fall over at some point.

I'd be happy to email you the part file do you want the Pommel or Pommel Inserts and what file type would work best for you?

morning! :)
That's great. i'm using fusion360 at the moment. not really sure what kind of file i need, still new to the whole 3d stuff :)
It's the inserts that i need. i'll pm you my e-mail.
Thanks alot!!

Fantastic models!

The pommels don't quite fit over the posts on the hilt. I had to drill through them to make them .5mm bigger to fit. Thanks!

Having the same problem, tolerances arnt enough for general prints

Hi I love all your lightsabers and have printed most of them (I will be uploading pictures of them at some point). I however find the pommel inserts very hard to print with the curved section with the slot that fits into the pommel, these do not turn out well for me and are quite stringy and you can see (at least when I print it) that they do not fit in perfectly and the curve does not match due to them being printed on support. I found that the pommel insert design on this lightsaber http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1232990 worked really well and look really good with a really easy print as they have a flat bottom to print on. Is there a reason you did not do it this way? Keep up the good work!

Anakin Luke ANH inspired lightsaber WIP

Glad you're enjoying the sabers! I typically print the pommel inserts standing up so that curve is well preserved, are you printing then with the curved part facing the build plate?

As for why I don't use a method like the hilt you posted, I don't like part lines it creates between the parts of the assembly, the props seem to have a curved surface sitting on top of the main cylinder of the hilt, so that's what I try to mimic

I see I thought they might fall over if I tried to print them standing up but I will give it a go with this one and see how it goes thanks for the reply and printing advice.

I had the same concern, but they ended up printing well, can't wait to see your makes!