Printable (pretty much all the way now) repaired x-wing

by Taboy May 4, 2016
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the model is not correct

the parts that are printed are very detailed but when you almost finish up to the thrusters you only get spaghetti in the shape of a corkscrew

impossible to finish printing twice

I just uploaded a version with thicker thrusters to try and help what I described in my last comment. Assuming that that's the issue.

Hey, I took a look at the model again after a few years, probably, in response to your concern. I fixed the non-manifold bits that were the reason for the "mostly" in the title, but I don't think they were located where you're having the problem. I might consider tweaking your slicer settings a little bit. you may need to scale the model up if your nozzle is too chunky for the features. That's why I had to thicken the wings, with the first model, they were to thin for my printer nozzle, so it just wouldn't print anything there. That may be what's happening on your print. You might get a layer or two that are cut out because the slicer left them out because they were too small and so everything on top turns to pasketti. Just guessing though. good luck.

I print with a nozzle from 0.4 to a thickness of 0.15. I have printed a 23cm Milennium Falcon just a day ago and without problems

your model I have tried to print twice at 16cm in length with identical result in the same place. The symptoms is that one layer is missing and that the next one is already printed in the air and since the propellers have the same thickness where the failure occurs than below, I think the error is not where you indicate

  anyway the complete model gives an error when opening with 3D builder and offers you the possibility of repairing it although it does not indicate which or where is the error

said error does not appear in the individual files where the two halves are printed separately

I would fail to try with the new version that you have created but for now you will have to wait

weird. Size shouldn't be an issue with what you described. I was able to print it, and there are other makes as well. If you care enough to send a picture with the location of the failure I can try to take a look. Up to you, there's other models out there I'm pretty sure, if you'd prefer not to bother.

Having issues with the back half of the model. I tried printing it twice now and the thrusters and the back of the cannons refuse to print properly. Any idea how I can fix this? the rest of the model is great, but those pieces are either falling off or spaghetti.

Trying to print at 230%

Hey, I fixed the last of the manifold issues, and added a version with thicker thrusters which I'm guessing is what's causing the pasketti

I honestly don't know. I didn't have issues with that part. I double checked to make sure they were manifold which they are. I'd check your slicer. make sure there's not sections missing in the slice. Sometimes changing the scale slightly can fix those kinds of issues.

Any chance you could upload .stl's for each part of the model individually? Would be nice to be able to reprint certain parts alone

This is done by the way

I could probably do that

thanks, for fixing it!!

Thanks, but I can't take too much credit for this one, I didn't originate the model, I only made it easier to print.

Yeah but somebody had to do it