HTC VIVE breakout box mount

by Cozmo May 4, 2016
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I no longer own the vive headset, so i cant make any updates to the design, that i can test before i upload it.
Therefor i now included the step & fusion360 file, for easy chances to the design ;)

This is brilliant. I printed one and it's a beautiful fit.

However, can I please make a feature request? As I understand it, the breakout box is designed to allow the Vive cables to 'pull out' in the event of the player tripping over. This could damage something, but will likely save the PC and GPU. With your design, I've had the breakout box slide straight out.

It would be awesome if the design had an extra bracket that came out the front (not the back) and stopped the whole breakout box moving forward. That way the wires at the front could pull free without placing stress on the wires at the back.

Would you please consider making such a version?

I remixed it. is this what you are looking for? I did it for me and saw you were wanting something similar so I published.

HTC Vive breakout Box remix

Wow! That's very cool. Thanks! Is there any way you could make it asymmetrical? Have the 'cap' on one side extend further out? It would just cover up the HTC logo that is on the front of the breakout box, but add extra strength. Kind of like this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz-3d0tCrobHb3lPYnBRS2pVLWc/view?usp=sharing (but yours has a second side too, which is even better).

Also, can I ask what tools you used to do this? I tried for ages using MeshMixer and SketchUp. I overlapped primitives to get the design I wanted, but when I came to do the print the overlapping areas, rather than being solid, kept coming out as 'negative space'. This happened in both tools :(

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Neat design, exactly what i was looking for.

Is it easy to insert/remove the breakout box without unscrewing the hardware?

Yes. This design is a very snug fit, but the breakout box slides out neatly without having to unscrew the bracket.