Dual HTC Vive Wand Charging Stand

by Abcdqfr May 5, 2016
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Just a heads up, this model doesn't work for controllers shipped after ~October 2016. Those have a different wrist strap with a slightly larger clasp. That won't fit inside the groove, and thus the controller can't plug into the charger when using the insert.

Controllers with white straps work, the blue straps do not.

Ah, didn't know that. Thanks for the information. To get by, you can try telling your slicer to stop printing after the first 8.5cm or so. Truth be told, I switched to Wii straps since I took the vive out of the box so the print I've always used is cut off short like that. The clasps don't need to go into the print that way. Not as aesthetically pleasing, but it certainly works... I suppose I can also make a version to accommodate the larger clasps. Could you please provide the dimensions of your clasp? Thank you again.

The new clasp is just slightly over 1cm in width.

I was somewhat impatient, so I modified your model to support the new clasp. Went a bit overboard and added a 0.5cm offset on the entire groove, which makes it a bit thin in the back, but it will pretty much support any wriststrap like that. I uploaded it as a remix of yours.

Awesome, thanks for sharing and saving some trouble. Cheers

Hey how can i get the back charging pieces?

You can get them from the original design here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1443154

HTC Vive controller stand and charging station
by SG-O

Awesome thing! Thanks for the model. My one recommendation as a new maker is resist the urge to use the mounts themselves to pry this off your build plate. Only use a scraper on the bottom panel. I broke one of the mounts but was able to glue it back together just fine. To those of you asking about skins, I have the hyperkin thin skins and they don't really fit with them on. It'll go in as a mount, but the bottom is up a little bit and wont reach the charging cord. You may be able to adjust the inserts to hold the cord higher to get around this.

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Will this fit with controllers that has skins on them or does it need to be the bare controllers?

One of the makes shows skinned controllers fitting in the dock, but then again I've had users along me how to make the hole larger to accommodate... It's a pretty tight fit, so I wouldn't count on it fitting very easily, but apparently it can be done.

Thank you for the quick response.

Nice! And I can buy it on Etsy too!

Linked removed upon designers request

Thanks for letting me know, this is news to me. This is the second time I've seen this design being sold without consent.

I was hoping for a... shaddap you fool! That is me selling them!

Unfortunately, not everyone abides by the license on these files which has led me to be selective to what I put up. Unfortunate. Nice design though!

This is such a weird thread...

You said it was you that was selling them, then last reply said you were hoping the creator was selling them....


Ask for permission, not forgiveness. The license on this design is exactly what I meant it to be; non-commercial. As it should be. This is a remix of someone else's hard work, all I did was duplicate it, put it on a square and added a copyrighted logo that I also have no rights to. P.S. maybe don't try to make money with that logo unless you want real trouble.
Is that enough change to call this my own to do with which I please? Hell no.
Any money you made from this belongs to the individual that designed the original piece... As well as the guy that made the little outrigger you ripped off too. Get their consent to sell, then consider whether or not you want to try to sell HTC's logo.

I agree completely, which is why I pointed out that someone was selling this on Etsy. I have run across a lot of models here that you can then find on Etsy or Flebay.

PS: Reading your reply, I think you might have mistaken my first line above. I was hoping that YOU would be selling them.

is the file for the cable holder insert not part of this?

Nope, you can find those in the original thing I remixed this from.

Printed it on my Printrbot Simple Metal with heated bed in PLA. Base printed great, there was slight drooping on the overhangs for the inserts, so I had to sand down the inserts to make them fit.

Design is a bit top heavy and I would recommend using double sided tape or the sticky rubber sheet of the breakout box to secure it onto a surface.

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