Mother's Day Sculpture

by MakePrintable May 5, 2016
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hi, is it possible to have the dxf file for remix please?

May 5,
Thank you!
How can I fabricate a statue 2 meter high on alfawise u20?

I love it and tried 3 times to print, but everytime i have a problem ... one leg move just under under the knee :-(
i'm a bit sad about that ...

But this Sculpture is amazing ... i will try again with different settings (help will be appreciated :-)
Thank you for shate it!

Really nice! I've already 3d printed the Father's Day sculpture, and now I'm gonna 3d print this Mother's Day sculpture!

Is there a remix of this with 2 children?

Mother's Day Sculpture - Five years later

Thanks for the beautiful sculpture.
I made a mistake on the print.
But I could try painting.
How is it to you?


Mother's Day Sculpture

Fantastic, really love it!

I was trying to print this (Maker Select Plus) when about halfway through, it drove straight down through the Z axis and destroyed the print, getting plastic all over the hot end. Any idea what might have happened?

Probably it read the file but it couldn't process it. Try testing another model and see how it goes.

Wrong forum for this. Sounds like an issue with printer. Could have been the slicing software, problem with the machine recognizing the file, or many other possibilities. I would just try printing again after reslicing, and most likely it will work.

Awesome design!
Going to print this tomorrow for my mum and I'm sure she'll love it!

If I scale it down to like 8 cm high, how much infill do you recommend?
Will 3 outer layers en 10% infill be sturdy enough, or do you recommend more?

Thanks for your kind words. 10 % infill should work.

We made a new 3d model this year. check it out from here: https://makeprintable.com/printables

That requires sign in and my email address to download...

Thanks for the reply!

I actually like your new model better, thanks for the link.
If I would make that one about 11 cm high, would 10% infill work for that too?
I'm worried about the bridging with the top of the base, as well as some bridging higher up on the model.

Thanks in advance, going to print this soon :)

Is the CAD/design file for this available? I'd like to modify this slightly and that would make it easier.

Can you post the OBJ file? I saw a comment referencing it, but I only see the STL. I'd love to add an inscription for my wife. Thank you!

Hi Daniel,

We've updated it to include an OBJ file ;)

Hi -

Great model! is there any chance of an editable version to put names on it?

Thank you

Can you help me with optimal settings for clean look like in the profile picture of the product. I tried to print it myself and mine final product look like

What should i change to get smoother final product?

I also send the file to my colleagues and they came out with similar result.

Cooling Fan Dude

Can this be printed without supports?

Yes, this model is designed to be printed without support.

yes i did try without and it looks awesome !

Can i have its DXF file? want to write my son and wife's name on it. Please

I will pm you the file :)

can you do the same for me please ?

We just became foster parents and I plan to print this for my wife.

That's really thoughtful! congratulations :D Make sure to show us the result of your print

how much do these weigh

how much do these weigh

It really depends on the material you print it with and the infill you choose.

It really depends on the material you print it with and the infill you choose.

I would like to purchase these wholesale

We don't sell them. You're welcome to print the file :D

We don't sell them. You're welcome to print the file :D

We don't sell them. You're welcome to print the file :D

We don't sell them. You're welcome to print the file :D

I'm just a beginner who printed this sculpture in the horizontal position and found out the hard way why you don't do that. Oops. I will have to try again.

You can change the position of the model once you slice it

and what is the slicer?

You can change the position of the model once you have it in the slicer

I am going to do this immediately when my printer gets here. Beautiful sculpture. My Wife will love it!!!

Awesome! Would love to see your print :D

This is very cool. Wondering why it's laying down. No problem except for those who don't have the ability to stand it up. I know, glass half empty. Thanks for the great art.

You're welcome. Make sure to show your print :)

It serves to demonstrate that there's no maker's mark on the print, something which would make this gift pretty tacky.

Thanks for leaving that off :)

You're welcome :)

Your art work has CLASS.

Thanks :) We'll be posting something in the upcoming days :D

Do you print it on it's back or standing up? Are supports needed? Great job.

Standing up and support is not needed :)

you answered my not asked question :-) will surely print it in wood and post.

Awesome! can't wait to see it :D

Nice! thx alots! nice models!

you're welcome. Thanks for your comment :)

How hard would it be to split into three or four pieces to build a giant version?

Also what's the infill % as well as mm/s extruder speeds?

Check out this tutorial that shows how to split the model into pieces: http://u.tinkerine.com/en-ca/tutorials/3dmodeling/meshmixer/meshmixer-slicing.html
The infill should be 20% and extruder depends on the printer. Let us know if you plan to print it out :D

I'm printing it right now

Thank you. Please make sure to share your images with us by clicking on "I made one" :D

Why is it an OBJ file???? Shouldn't it be a STL file

Hi Bruce,

Click the link to download it in STL format:


Let us know if you need anything.

you can easely turn an obj file to stl with every 3d modeling program.

One quick way would be to upload the obj to makeprintable.com and then when you reach to step 4, it will ask you what format would you like to download your file, you can always select STL. One of our hidden benefits of using MakePrintable is we can convert CAD files from one format to another. ;-)
Try uploading a Gcode and download it using STL.

I get that but why the extra step.... just save it as an STL. file to begin with.

oh wow that's beautiful.

Thank you. Let us know if you print it :)