Mr Bones -- Articulated Skeleton

by graphix25 May 7, 2016
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Do you need to use rafts. If so on what pieces

Watching this print is like an episode of Westworld.

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Is there a way to articulate the fingers? Or at least edit them

I imagine you can just heat them and bend them into place

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thật tuyệt ! rất hữu ích

I love this model!! Stands about 27cm tall at 100% scale.
I printed it in PLA, with scaffolding ONLY touching the baseplate. (This is especially important for the torso so it's a quick cleanup)
All of the ball joints were too big for the sockets unfortunately - so it's taken some work to get them to fit without breaking, while still being tight enough that they hold their pose. Any tips on how to do this effectively before OR after printing would be greatly appreciated ;)
I plan on printing a few more of these guys.
My family called me Mr. Bones when I was little :D <3

Easiest way to fit ball joints I've found is to soak the sockets in boiling water for 5-10seconds before fitting them.

Thanks for taking the time to mention this handy hint. I can report that it worked very well for me. I also soaked the ball joint for good measure.

mr. bones i want off this wild ride

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i dont get how the skull is supposed to connect to the skull joint.. the skull hole is a little big... please look here at my make.. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:379936

Mr Bones -- Articulated Skeleton

The rationalization of keeping the skull mount point and the base of the skull separate was to help those who just want to print the skull. All you have to do is add the base connector to the skull model in your modeling software and embedded the end into the skull itself. It's the same reason why I have the fingers all individual so folks can manipulate the model in software to change the finger posses. It was done for flexibility.

I have the same question. Did you get an answer?

nope... never.. and at this point i assume this is a bit of a lazy modeler who didnt want to really fix it to make it work correctly..

Great job, would you like to know the size of the piece after printing?

Someone else said 27cm at 100%

regards remarks from tomd16. Other then the settings which you have read, I only can recall that the rib-cage took ages to print, I think about 6 or 7 hours. As an afterthought I did have to trim the joints to make them work, and then really good clean up. The model that I made stands from foot to top of skull 42cm. I figured that scaling model upwards would allow more material, therefore stronger, including joints. That is my reasoning.

i had only 1 rib crack.. left dorsal t9 in the middle, but its held on from the other direction so it was fine.. i was surprised only 1 rib cracked since there was so much support to take out.. that took forever! but so cool it worth it! :)

Hi i need information about scale for make it in real size, like a human bone and can i use it for my university project?

I saw this and said to myself, make a good test with my anet a6 printer. I used pla, bed 40 degrees and extruder 210. To my surprise it turned out pretty good. Had to do some trimming and the ball and sockets worked reasonably well. I tried two layer heights, first 0.2, then 0.1 which turned out much better. The clean up, especially with the torso, (all printed with raft and support) was tricky. All in all nice little object. I was thinking , maybe increasing the size from 1.0 to 1.5 might make the joints more rigid, and maybe less trimming. Reading zeesbrat3 comments, the joints on my model worked

I'm loving the design of this skeleton! I see you printed yours with PLA. Did you have any issues with the ribs being brittle on the torso? I've had that problem with 2 prints so far. I'm not sure what setting I'm missing? Did your layer height help with that? What infill percentage did you use?

When printed using PLA, will each of the joints function properly?

Would this work with NinjaFlex?

Amazing skeleton design! Thanks for sharing the files :)

Was this printed by shapeways?

Yes, it was design for and printed using the shapeways service. Specifically their nylon material.

I printed the torso with rafting, then printed all the bones in a rafting patchwork and started assembling it.

The balls of the ball and socket joints need to be sized down to almost half.

I appear to have successfully printed the Torso, with a massive amount of rafting that I now carefully have to remove. See the "I made one" tab for a picture!

Actually If they're going to post different STL files for all the bones I'll just wait for that, trying to print the entire cube with scaffolding would be a long shot at best.

Coming soon. Will be easier to manage the individual parts rather then printing all at once. Curious what printer has dual extruded capabilities with dissolvable material?


Powerspec Ultra, which is a Microcenter store-rebrand of a FlashForge Creator Pro. Only $800, has a heated build plate, dual extruders so that you can use dissolvable filament, pretty big build volume, can use any generic filament you want, and the flashforge creator pro has excellent reviews on amazon.

Has a ton of features for the price.

I have successfully sliced the STL file with slie3er for regular PLA and PLA scaffolding supports to hold everything in place, so I have a large cube of bones, with scaffolding holding everything up. The g-code file took almost two hours to generate and is 120 mb, I haven't tried actually printing it yet.

Awesome design, second pic is creepy as fuck...

I have a dual extruder printer so that I can print dissolvable filament.

So it seems to like the solution is simple: Print it exactly how it is, except encased in a cube of dissovable filament.

Does anyone know how to set that up? I only know to do basic regular one-piece ABS and PLA prints.

Can we print this to showcase at a show? Love it!

Thank you for asking but yes of course. You can do anything you like with model outside of selling it for commercial gain. My goal in sharing was to give back to the community and share. No motivation and no strings attached.

Glad you enjoy it. Have Fun!!

Thanks! Does the spine articulate too? Any chance you can split up all the parts separately so that we can scale it up to be life size and then assemble? Can only do this if we can print each part separately.

Yes I can do that for you and the community at large. It's important to note I don't have a PLA/ABS printer so unable to validate and tune the model for printing on that style machine. It will be a starting point to build on for those ready for the adventure. I will work on this over the weekend and upload the files when available.

An articulating spine, sorry no. While technically possible it would be pretty difficult to pull off although made easier at larger scale. The modeled spine is broken up into individual segments for each vertebra. A clever slider mechanism could be developed to join the individual segments. Great idea for a remix for someone who is up for a challenge.

When do you think you might be able to release the individual pieces?

Awesome! Looking forward for the individual piece files.

Coming soon. On vacation with the family and will upload on my return. Didn't get it finished before we took off like I had hoped. Expect it Wednesday June 1st or the 2nd. Most of the breakdown is straight forward except the rib cage. That whole section is one piece so will not likely allow for human scale printing but will ease the printing from my original file.

Gimme gimme gimme! This is so freakin awesome. If I can figure out how to print it on an SLA printer I will make a video showing the articulation. I want this for stop motion, it looks so good. A++ on the skull and ribcage especially!

The model should be well suited for a SLA printer. I designed the model for and printed them on Shapeways Nylon material which used EOS SLA machine. I spend almost almost all the modeling time on the spinal cord and head. It was a lot of fun.

Factory Tour at Shapeways that shows the EOS pritners. They are impressive.

Whoa, I looked them up and that is really interesting. You ordered it printed from them I'm assuming. I'm wondering how you bend the fingers like that and when you position it, how stiff are the joints?

Did you print them stacked up like that? Posted pictures look like fantastic quality.

Yes. But I'm cheating a bit because I used Shapeways Nylon which has built in support material as it's a SLA powder based printing system. To get this to print on a PLA/ABS printer it will likely require rework to support the structures while printing. I bet with time someone will remix the design and optimize for extrude based printing.

can we get an stl file please and thank you. very nice cant wait to print it. thanks again

STL uploaded. No clue if the individual skeleton parts will export properly from 3dsmax. The model is broken down into 229 individual parts. If you can not manipulate individual parts then the export did not retain a key property of the model, customization ability.

If you can't stand waiting, there is a free program called meshmixer and it can convert from .obj to .stl if you need to.