ForgeCrate: Sci-fi Wargame Shipping Container

by maxdrz Jun 12, 2016
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The closed container printed great.

I'm a little worried about the bridging in the open container. Anyone tried it yet?

do we need to cut this container into several pieces in order to print?

can you remove the internal details from the inside of the container? Printing just the box / shell would greatly increase production times. great looking model

This printed perfectly, fantastic work. Saved me hours of 3d work =) Going to print a few more and paint em up.

Thanks for sharing!

is it possible to get you to cut it in half. horizontal ?

What infill percentage are you printing this with?
Does the open version bridge well?
I have the closed version printing now, 100 micron layers with 20% infill and it seems to be proceeding fine. I would like to print the open version as well, but I'm a bit wary of finding out whether the top will bridge with no support after 41 hours.

I've printed them at 3-5% infill and 3 shells on a makerbot. Becasuse of the support collumn on the inside, the actual bridge is about 1.5 inches

So the underside of the top of the container probably has a fair amount of webbing then.
I might want to split the open model, flip it vertical, and then glue the pieces together.

For the closed one I'll try dropping the infill percentage a bit then as well.

Thanks! This is a fun model.

Awesome! Post photos when you're done :)

great job! nice variation and fantastic weathering detail on that paintup. I had this on my bucket list to recreate; now I can check it off and work on something different. ;)

Thanks! That means a lot because your stuff has been an inspiration to me. I'm working on my take of zone mortalis pieces next (your door got me thinking).

This is super bad ass, Paint looks hot.