Interlocking Stackerz

by muzz64 May 7, 2016
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Using Tinkercad I put 54mm holes in each of your 3 layer models, but due to your license can't share them.

If you scale it down by 50%, it makes a great change holder for your car.

I love these, I can see making a cool tip jar with the concept... Can these be scaled up?

I tried to print some, but I have a problem. They are too easy to connect \ disconnected. They hang out.

They should be a snug fit... they are when printed on my MakerBots so the difference has to be your slicing app, machine or filament. All these factors can cause this.. you can try scaling it all down uniformly by a few percent to reduce the clearances in the joint. That should tighten them up. I hope this helps..

Can you plz upload a resource files?

I assume you mean the original design files... if so you would need Rhino 5. However even with the files editing them greatly wouldn't be easy as I make everything solid when I finalize the design... so not greatly different to an stl

Can you make version that locks? So i can take it whit me and it wont come apart in my backpack.

The Stackerz need to be rotated 120 degrees to lock / unlock so they should be okay in your backpack... I can't see how they would rotate that much. Hope they do the job for you !

You say to rotate 120 degrees, but its actualy more or les 90 degrees. Or i break the thing. As others sayd thing is loose, but works on my table :)

Thanks for your comment. There are only three stops that are evenly places around each joint so it should be 120 degrees(you can check this for yourself on the print. . If yours is getting tight at 90 degrees then your slicing app and/or machine is printing the joint with insufficient clearance. This is why some people find the joints a bit loose... I have to try and accommodate different slicing apps and machines so they print well for almost everyone. Looser ids safe for cases such as yours... unfortunately this is a fact of 3D printing life. No slicing app or printer prints exactly the same as another brand/model.

Here is video of the movement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSTlNx0ThRE And yes i can see that there is tree stops. But still isn´t rotating 120 degrees, only 90. And no its not geting tight on any point, just hits the ends of the groove. Slicer is Simplify3d and 3D printer is mini fabrikator. I know that my printer isint the best but it prints parts that are same size as on the .stl.

Very strange as I must have printed more than twenty of these from the same stl's on my MakerBot's with no issues like you're having and lots more people have printed them with no problems as well... although some say they are a bit loose so the exact opposite of what you are experiencing.

This can only be due to your slicing app and /or machine. As I'm sure you've seen I have a lot of things posted so receive a lot of feedback. Most people are getting great results but there are a few that do have issues so I try and help if I can.

One common observation is that people using Simplify3D have more issues in designs with fine clearances particularly where there are round surfaces involved like threads etc. That applies here.... Cura seems better. This is just an observation.

Anyway, to try and improve your result you could scale all parts up a few percent. This will increase the clearances slightly and change the tool path. You can also rotate the parts say 45 degrees in your slicing app before slicing it as that will change the tool path as well. This is just forcing the slicing app to approach the job slightly differently. As strange as it sounds this can make all the difference.. nothing ventured nothing gained!

Hopefully this is of use...

already using for storing cords thx

Post a picture of how you're using them if you can.... just to give other people ideas. Thanks!