Universal Ultimaker 2(+) Spool Holder

by Undeviljur May 7, 2016
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I was able to use a 5/16" x 6" hex bolt and nut from Home Depot for only a $1. Beautifully simple and functional design. Thank you, very much for sharing.

I printed all of the parts on an Ultimaker 2 with no modifications from the supplied gcode files. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

i can confirm that this bolt size works. thanks!

This is (kinda) exactly what i need!
Although i wish it had used 608 bearings.
So i imported everything into tinkercad, which also made it easy to understand how the parts fit together ;P

  • Made room for the bearings
  • Shortened the inside tube and the threaded tube a bit.
    Probably wont fit 3kg spools but will be faster to change 1kg spools.
  • Flattened the mount and added 4mm holes.
    (I am mounting it on the side of a small desk)

Printing right now.
I hope the tolerances are okay...

So i finished it and shared the files.
Also made a assembly video for you guys.

608 Bearing Spool Holder

Thanks for sharing. I have a lot of problems with 3d printing though. As a first piece I printed the "printer mount" file and everything was ok. The "T-Piece" files and other causes the printing block, and I have to reset it. I also tried to import the STL with Rhinoceros but also the program tells me that it is not a printable file, practically after a few seconds everything stops. I have an 'Anycubic Ultrabase, and I use Cura 3.2.1.
Thanks for all.

Tolle Arbeit! Paßt genau!

Good idea. It's nice to see somebody once in a while who has brains and uses it. Doesn't happen too often.

Hahahaha, Thx for commenting :P
Hope you have a lot of fun with your new spool holder.

The version two of the threaded tube is corrupted and won't slice in cura. Can you reupload the file?

how do you mean version two? You are taling about the file Threaded_Tube.STL correct?

I just downloaded it from thingiverse and can't see the problem with the file. Please explain what problem you have with slicing.
Have you tried re-downloading?

If the file is realy corrupt I will re-upload, but firs I need to know whats wrong

Sorry. I downloaded the file twice and both times, Cura 3.1.0 doesn't seem to be able to see the first layer. Then when I try to slice it, Cura gives an error and stops slicing. All of the other files work great.

I just installed cura 3.1.0 and singel downloaded the treaded tube. (So not from the zip file with everything)
I don't have any problems slicing.

I also have lots of older cura versions installed and they all seem to slice fine.

Please re-download the the single file (if you didn't already). If this doesn't work send me a personal message with your email, via thiniverse. So i can email the files to you.

It will slice if I rotate the Threaded_Tube.STL by 180 degrees but not in the original orientation.

looks good. but lacking holes for screws. how should you put this in the wall without a screw? you can not add 2 holes so that you screw into the wall

Its not meant to be put on a wall. If you wat to do that you can remix the part that hooks in the printer so you can put in on a wall. If I take this request then everybody wants me to make it a bit different so it works best for them. hope you understand.

I'm wanting to adapt your awesome design into a "hanging" spool holder to mount to the roof inside a printer enclosure, so that the spool is horizontal. Do you think there will be any issues with friction preventing the spool from spinning freely?

Hey Elredar,

No i don't see any issues with mounting it that way. If the you want to lower the friction I recommend using some silicone spray. that is what I use on my spool holder and it still runs like the first day lubricated it with the silicone spray.

I just mounted one of my new 1Kg spools on the spool holder and hold it in the position you want to use. it spins just as wel for me.
Good luck adapting.

With kind regards,

Excellent, thanks for the quick reply! I'll upload the Make once I get it printed!

I would like that, THX

I love when people upload all files so as we can adjust them.

You're welcome :)
I don't know why people don't upload the files. It's not that hard.

I've printed the new version using PET-G and it worked perfectly.

Thx for the comment. I would really like it if you could also add a make, so I and everyone else can see how it turns out in PET-G.

I have printed the parts on a new and calibrated ULTIMAKER 2+. The Ultimaker prints other parts in the correct dimensions, but these parts do not fit. I tried it with Cura and Simplify3D. I have taken my best PLA and followed all the instructions. The threads do not fit into each other. The roller does not fit into the holder, the bearings do not fit into the pipe. Today I printed other parts from Thingiverse and everything fits.

What can I do to use this great filament holder?

I print since 25h for the cat :-)

The idea for the holder is great, but the parts do not fit.

Hey Moriis,
Can you give me more info and measurements, so ik can edit the parts to make them fit?
You can PM me on thiniverse.
I printed the holder on my own ultimaker2 and on the ultimaker2+ on my work. And they work fine it was a tight fit tho.

Thank you for the offer. Before we do that, I have another idea. Can it be that you have drawn in inches and Cura converts this here in mm? This could be the reason for the tolerances ...?

Nope. I live in the Netherlands and use mm for everything. So that can't be the problem.

Here in Germany i use mm also. I send you a Message..

Love the design but I can't get it to work, and I'm not sure what's going on. Have an Ultimaker 3 Extended, printed to the specs listed in the Readme and have multiple tolerance issues. 1. The T-piece prints slightly too large to slide into the printer mount. Not too bad on it's own as I suspect I could sand it down 2. The Spool Nut prints with either a thread pitch or scale too tight for the threaded tube, if I print the entire size it jams on the threads, if I print half of the cone it's a firm fit. I've tried at 100%, 101% and 102.5% to be sure. 3. The Threaded Cone in the orientation in the files is too fragile, when I tightened it the first time it snapped at the bottom threads. I'm in the process of trying to print horizontally to see if that increases thread strength as I've read on some forums. **Would also love an INCH/US spec drawing as I'll have to sub a 5/16" for the M8 and not sure how good the fit will be.

Same here. I took the parts today with pleasure from the printer and now I am frustrated. :-)

I remixed this with another design here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2312012 , worked great. Still had to undersize the "T-piece" slightly, but did also read that depending on how you import/export, the units settings can throw Cura off a bit. Oh well, made it work.

Ultimaker 2/3 Combined Spool Holder

I recently tried to print the bearing storage tube from roy_blade here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2277082 , and had the same problem. Ran through Netfabb and the threads fit nicely, must be some glitch in the .STL and Cura. Will try this again potentially and report back.

Storage tube for up to 15 bearings (608)

No change, the "fixed" Netfabb files had the same end result, the threads on the nut, cone and threaded tube will not work. I'll stick with the other threaded design.

UPDATE** - I bought Simplify3D and out of pure OCD decided to try the "fixed" files from NetFabb (threaded tube and nut). I ran the first through at 100% and Medium quality, and it WORKED! albeit a bit tight on the nut, probably from some slop on the internal threads. I upsized the nut to 101% and reprinted at high quality, and after a few passes with the nut to clean off the burrs it is almost perfect. Out of curiosity I tried the previously printed threaded tube and nuts and found something odd. The Simplify3D "fixed" nut printed at both 100% and 101%, worked for the most part on the Cura printed threaded tubes, they were just slightly tight at the middle, however the reverse is not true, the Cura nuts still do not work on the Simplify3D tubes....this leads me to believe that Cura doesn't like something in the Nut model that even Netfabb can't fix, but that Simplify3D either ignores or fixes during slicing...very interesting. Lesson is, if you like this model, don't print with Cura....

hey man. thx for the info. can you tell me witch version ov Cura you used ? because i only tested my design with Cura 15.04.6. Also did you print all the parts with 100% infill? because that can give a large tolerance increase in Cura.

Happy to help, like the design. I have the Ultimaker 3 Extended, so I'm using Cura 2.5.0 that Ultimaker provides for it, and bought S3D 3.1.1 to test. I used 1.5mm layers, 1.1mm shell, 100% infill on the T-piece and printer mount only, 50% on the cone, and 20 or 25% on the rest. I don't think it's the infill because the jam isn't at the beginning, it's a few turns in, it seems to be an issue in how it calculates the threads themselves on the nut. Also of note, the original printed cone actually fit inside the threaded tube, but the outer nut did not. I need to figure out how to print the threaded cone sideways now, as it will strengthen the threads and prevent the cracking I had before.

I may also extend the hollow bearing area in the cone in further into the threads, think that would increase strength as well...

oke that sounds really strange. I have an Ultimaker 2 and don't like the new cura. so i sill use the 15.04.6 version. I'm currently sick so can't do anything but respond from my bed. I'm going to make a couple of changes to the design in the future. the weak point you speek of is one of the tings I'm going to look at. With Moriis I will also look at in too making the tolerances a bit better so everyone can print it.

But I'm very busy uselessly so it can take a wile before it will be finished.

Sounds great, feel better, I'm interested to learn how you address the tolerance and strength, or what you find the challenge is...please share.

So... almost with finished printing parts. I printed everything except the printer mount because i want to use it on Wanhao i3 Plus.

Coming back to the negative comments:
At the first view - nothing fitted. I realized my printer was printing inner geometries 0,3mm smaller.
BUT still everything was fitting together oven with a tolerance of 0,3mm.

You have a excellent assembly image - fully and easy understandable.

Undeviljur, thanks for the awesome spoolholder. I am gonna remix yours and add an printer mount for Wanhao i3 Plus

Hey Jam2,

Thx for commenting.
Im really happy that you like my design.

I appreciate that you think my assembly image is fine.

About the tolerances. Thx for sharing your experience. And being positive about it.

Looking forward to seeing your remix.

Regards, Undeviljur

hallo undeviljur, just found your holder awesome holder. you said there that you didn't put (real) bearings inside because the plastic ones run actually really smooth. is the demonstration video with plastic or real bearings?

Just the PLA bearings.
Didn't even buy the real bearings.

I was very hopeful about making this item but none of it fits what so ever. Printing on my UM2 and it printed clean but the threads don't fit. Not only that but your diagram to inform people on how it all fits together kinda sucks.
I almost want to reprint the large nut scaled 1-2% larger but i'm so disappointed that I rather not waste the filament.

Dude, you come off as quite the %$^^^^ . This guy went out of his way to share all his hard work and design. You then come on here and and say it sucks. Well, the only thing that sucks is your attitude. Maybe consider designing your own and and make it better. Thingiverse is FREE. Do you get that, its free. If you dont like it, maybe ask the developer nicely for assistance. If you dont like, kick rocks and go on your own way.

Sorry to hear that you are disappointed. The tolerances are tight. But it will fit on a good calibrated printer. Apparently not all printers print dimensionality accurate.

I took a lot of my free time to upload this on here and to make all the diagrams and descriptions. So saing it sucks isn't verry nice.

The tolerances don't need to be tight. There is no reason for it, no advantage. You could have the nut go on loose with a locking nut behind it so it doesn't move and it would work perfectly.
If you do a refined version, loosen up the tolerances by a lot so you can accommodate all printing variances then actually lay out the item on the table in the sequence order on how it should be built. From the pictures, you can't tell where anything really truly goes. I like the design which is why i went for it but i'm going to have to re-design everything.

If i have time I will make a version with looser tolerances an add them as an option for people how don't have very good calibrated printers.

Can you please tell me what did not fit properly apart from the threads?
In my opinion it makes a lot of difference if the hole thing does not have nice tolerances. (but that's me)

If you look at the screenshots ware you see a section view it is pretty clear ware everything goes. If not maybe you can make some better pictures? i'll be happy to upload some if you make them. I spend plenty of time designing and putting it up as it is.

Tight Tolerances is a sign of a well designed part and a well calibrated printer. Some people are on extreme budgets and expect amazing results with their $190 printer LOL. Dont let the Internet D-Bags steer you in the wrong direction. Keep doing what you love doing. I appreciate the nice designs you share for free. Thanks

Hi! Have you tried to use this with the big 2.3kg spools (from Colorfabb)?
I have a Ultimaker 2 Extended + and I was thinking to print one of this for my 2.3kg filament spools as well. My only concern is that the spool gets too close to the feeder. Does the filament from the 2.3gk spool glide well into the feeder? Or does it get squeezed between the spool and the feeder?

For us it works with 2,3kg spools but we needed a filament guide so that the filament doasnt get stuck between the spool and the printer.

Ultimaker 2 Extended+ compatible filament guide for big spools

Hey Mad2Punk,

I have used it with 2.3kg spools form makerpoint.
In my case the filament rolled of the spool one or two revolutions earlier and it worked fine.
But i never used the 2.3kg spools from Colorfabb.

If i still had the big spool i would have send you a picture.

I like your design a lot. Quick question. I just got my UM2+ and I'm new to 3D printing.. In the print settings you mention 'Resolution: 0.2' However, I don't see a 'resolution' setting in Cura. Is that the same as 'Layer Height' in Cura? Thx!

Hey mykell11,

Thx man.

And yes what I mean by resolution is actually called layer height.

Hope you add a make when you printed everything.